what are your favorite exercises?

Hey all, it’s a slow Sunday afternoon so for fun I thought I’d start a new thread so people can post their favorite exercise for each bodypart. For example, here are some of mine: QUADS-Front Squat, HAMS-Stiff Legged Dumbbell Deadlift, CHEST-Incline Dumbbell Press, BACK-Chins and Pullups, BICEPS-Hammer Curls, TRICEPS-Decline Extensions, and ABS-Swiss Ball Twisting Crunches. Hope to hear from y’all!!

Right now I’m digging dumbbell clean and press. But the vote for my favorite will go to deadlifts. Yup, that’s a definite.

In no particular order: K-bell Snatches and Side Presses, Lying Barbell Tri Ext. w/ Chains, T-bar Rows, Wheelbarrow Walks, Saxon Bends, Sit Ups w/ Med ball, Forward/Backward Scoop Toss w/ Med Ball, and anything that works the calves.

im gonna have to agree with patricia on the deads. ya gotta love pulling the heavy weight on the deads (i do sumo deads). i also love squats with heels elevated, front or back, because the give my quads major burn. and who doesnt love pull-ups? nothing like putting a large dumbell on the chain and doing them right in front of some tard doing those cute lil pull downs! and for chest, yes, im gonna have to go with 30 degree incline dumbell press. oh yeah, and giant sets of dropsets on calves, going from seated to standing to legpress (or whatever) in a huge giant drop set

Power cleans, Front Squats, The big 3, GPP…

QUADS-b.b. squat
HAMS-lying leg curl
CHEST-flat d.b. flys
ABS-swiss ball crunches
SHOULDERS-d.b. lateral raise
TRAPS-behind back cable shrug
CALVES-standing raise(heavy)

12 OUNCE CURLS !!.. just on light days… but on heavy days, i warm up with 16 ounce, then working up to 40 ounce curls, then a good burn set with 22 ounce curls. nothing makes the gut grow better than this plan…YEE HAW !!..(just a little note of sarcasm sinse i ate like shit saturday night… ribs and a six-pack.)

Let me add: squats, good mornings, hammer curls, bench, dips. There, that’s about it.

Lately I’ve been a big fan of weighted dips and chins. Also, bench press (both DB and BB) and squats are always fun.

If i had to pick one favorite movement, it would definetely be the plain old dead, shoulder width stance, slight bend in the knees. Nothing feels better then lifting that kinda big weight off the floor. Besides deads, i’d say good mornings for lower back, deads off a 4 or 6 inch block for hams and glutes, slow negative heavy close grip flat press for tris, low incline dumbbell for chest, heavy standing barbell military for shoulders, chins for bicep (and back of course), and high rep t bar rows for back.

power cleans and push presses.

Deadlifts for back, can’t beat them.

I like:
Triceps: Half Presses
Biceps: Scot Curls
Chest: Bench Press
Back: Bent over Bar rows
Shoulders: Military press
Legs: Squats.

Snatches. Dumbell and barbell, high reps and low reps. Any GPP circuit that involves burpees, nothing hurts more. Actually the GPP with burpees is also my least favorite funny how that works

Deadlifts, Snatches, Cleans, Jerks, Front Squats, Close Grip Bench, Towel Pull Ups, DB Swings, Iron Cross, Rack Bench, Dips.

Why wasn’t I surprised that Patricia’s favorite is a bicep movement?


for a girl. Sorry, I couldn’t hold it in any longer :slight_smile:

Good mornings,glute/ham raises,reverse hypers,DB power cleans.

My favorites seem to be constantly changing. Had you asked me 6 months ago, it would have been weighted wide-grip pull-ups on the chinning bar, 20 rep squats, & weighted dips. They’re not even a part of my routine right now. Favorites now include slow 1 arm curls on the bicep curl machine, lunges on the smith machine, and barbell rows for the back using a reverse grip.

All-time faves – deads and squats.

Chest – db bench.

triceps – dips.

back (upper) – rows.

Overhead Squats all the way. Anyone who hasn’t tried them is missing out on a great ab workout. Also Dips, Dumbell Bench Press, and Preacher Curls. I used to love Deadlifts, until the lower back pain began. Now I hate them, but they’re still great.