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What are Your Fat/Pro/Carb %?


I plan on keeping a food diary & want to be more aware of my calorie percentage. My goal is to get stronger but stay lean at about 180lbs(I compete amateur mma at 174 plan on going to 166). I'm trying to get some ideas for calorie percentage so I can make Conscious decision when eating.

I do eat really healthy & eat mostly high nutrient foods but I don't count calories. I know I get about 150-200g of protein daily, probably around 80-120g of fat & probably around 200-300g of carbs mostly from fruits & very few grains. Really varies on my work & workouts.

My question is, what is your calorie % from pro,fat,& carbs. When you were cutting,bulking, or maintaining. I want to get an idea what I should be aiming for. Any help will do.




40-45% carbs
30-38% fat
25-28% protein

usually ranges within there depending on if I eat a 2nd shake that contains more fat, less carbs


When I was training MMA, I think my macros were pretty close to 40/30/30 (P/C/F) while following Mike Roussell's 6 Pillars of Nutrition, which are laid out in his Naked Nutrition Guide. I didn't really getting into the "cutting" or "bulking" phases that some fighters and trainers advocate - I just felt more comfortable just staying within 5-10 pounds of my competing weight.

I know Chad Waterbury, who trains fighters regularly, likes to use a 33/33/33 ratio with his clients. I don't have any personal experience with that sort of diet, but it might be worth a try given his credentials in your sport.



Bulking I use 34p 33c 33f
Cutting I use 55p 20c 25f


n00b question i couldn't find an answer to:

when people say 40/30/30 or any other ratio, are they talking about kcals from each, or grams of each?


Neither. They are referring to % of each macro from overall calories




gracias jehova. that's what i meant by "kcals from each"... i shoulda put the "%" next to the numbers.


60% Fat
30% Protein
10% Carbs