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What Are Your Biotest Stacks?


I just ordered some supps. I had never used Biotest before. But have been lurking this site and elites for years.
So some help here. Using just Biotest Supps
What are some current stacks your taking?
How long do you run them?
What are the results?

Some formulas would be cool.
thanks in advance.


I stick with Flameout and receptor max, sometimes throw in leucine.

Other than Biotest I take vitamin D and cinnamon.


Mind telling us what you ordered so we can make some suggestions for future orders? Not that I’m the most qualified to do that, but I’m sure others who could offer advice would appreciate the extra info.


Alpha Male, Receptomax, Rez-V, HOT-ROX.
I am used to other products, not Biotest.


Mind my asking why the Rez-V? Most people have different reasons for taking it is all.

I personally LOVE the following: Beta-7, Workout Fuel, ZMA, and Alpha Male


I have had a problem with higher estrogen, so with the added Alpha Male, the Rez-V will block the estrogen from taking over, considering Test and Estrogen fight for the same thing