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What Are Your Best Meals?


Hi all, posted this in beginners because it might help.

I am training well and seeing decent gains and dropping body fat. No rocket science.

However I am weak on meal planning (demanding job, 3 kids, side projects) and often struggle. The good news I can literally eat the same thing day in and day out for months without caring. I once lived on the same curry twice a day for over 3 months in Iraq.

What would be the 5 simplest but most effective meals I could prepare easily and cheaply to just rotate them for months.

I was thinking

1 x baked chicken breat
1 x baked sweet potato
1 handful of spinach and green leaves

^^ Done. A meal in a box.

What are you best 5 recipes?


Hamburger helper mix.
93% lean ground beef.
1% milk.


Chicken stirfry with chicken breast, green beans, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, mushroom, onion and garlic. Make a big tub with about 1 kg of chicken and it’ll last you three days of quite a few meals, longer if you have other snacks. Eat with rice.


I’m a big fish eater. Mainly salmon, but it’s not the most economic choice. My girl works at a restaurant so she snags tons of fish for me so it’s not a budget problem for me. Easy to cook and easier on the digestive system. Chicken, ground beef are cheap though. I like to mix up my protein sources as much as I can.

7oz salmon fillet with mango chili glaze, greens of some sort and white rice. That’s probably my meal of choice and never gets old. Eggs, chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, and steak I eat throughout various days. It really just depends on what I feel like cooking that day.


All of my meals are important to me :slight_smile: This is what I had today:
Breakfast- 5 boiled eggs, bowl of steel cut oats, 1 banana
Post Workout- 4 large chicken tenders, seasoned fries, 1 biscuit
Snack- 450 calorie 3 berry and oat smoothie with whey and flax seed
Lunch- 10" pizza with bacon, greek salad
Snack- A bunch of strawberries
Dinner- T-Bone steak, green beans, rice, 1 delicious Shock Top beer in a frosted glass

Not conducive for losing body fat, but it works for me. I rely heavily on pizza, large burritos, pasta and various stir fry dishes.


I just had lunch:

1 bowl of lentil soup with veges and some smoked pork ribs, and a large piece of salmon marinated in garlic and soy sauce grilled on the bbq.



I’m a big fan of stews and slow cookers. My days usually consist of:
Breakfast: Oats with berries(prepared in advance, add water, pop in microwave)
Lunch: Stew of some kind made in bulk at the start of the week. Today was chilli and sweet potato mash. Again, box it up, pop in microwave.
Dinner: A real meal of some sort.

Add in snacks depending on goals and training etc. and you’re good to go. This approach is perfectly scale-able from about 2000kcal up to about 4000kcal with very little thought.


My slow cookers favorites are:
Pork cooked with a siracha bbq sauce (From Trader Joes) - whatever veggies tossed in.
Beef cooked with a guiness (really tasty!) - Usually cooked with onions and mushrooms

I’m currently cutting down, so I make a lot of lettuce wraps. I hate salad, but for some reason this works. Just grab some romaine lettuce, ground turkey, pork, or chicken and make your own sauce combining various asian sauces.


Fermented, dryed meat (bull, horse, pork) and fermented vegetables.
Cooked veal and pork on grate also.

Especially as you are busy man, I strongly suggest you dryed meats. High on protein, not messy at all, i.e you can eat it/ bring it anywhere you wish, in the car, everywhere, especially when the time is pressing you, as it happens sometimes. It does last long, i.e if you don’t eat it today, tomorrow it will be as good as it is today. You don’t need time to cook it, just slice the piece of dryed meat into tiny slices, throw it in a box and you don’t have to think anymore about it. And it tastes like heaven.


Salmon out of a tin mixed in with 2-3 packets of mi goreng. ~1700 cals and 95g of protein for around $3 and 2 minutes preparation


Get a rice cooker. Cook as many carbs as you need in a day with the rice leave it there.
Cook as many pounds of chicken as you need to do the same. Cut it into tiny peices.
Do the same with vegetables.
Add Oil for fats
Combine in the rice cooker and mix it all up then add Teriyaki Sauce, Soy Sauce and Hot Sauce.

Put into 3-6 meals and eat.