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What Are Your Best Low-Carb Recipes?


I just started the T-Dawg 2.0, and as someone who used to eat sandwiches at every meal, this thing is killing me! Does anyone have and quick and easy recipes? I'm a college student, so preferably something halfway quick. any ideas?!


Berardi as some awesome recipes in his gourmet e-book.


Agreed. Also, something I just tried last night on a whim that tastes awesome:

2 cups water, 1 packet of fat free/sugar free chocolate instant Jello pudding, 2 scoops banana protein powder.

Mix it all together, let chill in fridge for 20 minutes... sooooooo good


Eggs. Lots of them.


I guess alos, mostly desert things. Ha half an hour ago I couldnt take it any longer and I ate 4 cookies after my meal. I just need something that tastes sweet i think


Hiya Playboy,

Not too long ago I was a massively fat bastard and following a low-carb diet for the best part of two years ended up dropping 90lbs. Then enter T-Nation and since the start of 2006 the rebuilding process has begun. Anyway...

I've got a ton of low-carb recipes but ended up keeping things as simple as possible for max effect.

Try mixing a little wholegrain mustard with cream cheese and once you've grown utterly sick of the taste of it, use your 'Must-Cheese' to spruce up your broccoli - or use it instead of a high carb sauce for steak, chicken or fish.

Speaking of broccoli, the one thing I missed more than anything else (well, except cake!) was mashed potato - being a brit I had managed to accumulate most of my gut by consuming vast quantities of bangers and mash. Broccoli mash (tm) made with a little butter, a little cream a clove of garlic and lots of black pepper well... It got me through the tough days. Esecially with turkey sausages sticking out of it! I used to make a big batch, sometimes adding cauliflower or other veg.

Ooh, one last one. If you're cooking a steak or chicken or something, after you've finished deglaze the cooking juices and add a little cream to the pan to create a rich, tasty and low carb sauce/gravy.

Hope these very quick and simple ideas help out.



Oh Yeah. Excellent dessert.


Other than peanut butter and jelly, anything that can be made into a sandwhich can also be made into a salad.


Just found an old PDF of mine called '1000 low-carb recipes' and an Atkins cookbook PDF.. PM me with email address if you guys/girls want a copy.


Okay. Have sent them to everone that PM'ed me. Hope they're of some use.