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What are your <b>GOALS</b> in the gym this year?


By December 31st I’m going to be sitting on another 12lbs of lbm and

30 more pounds on my bench
50 more pounds on squat (ass to grass)
75 on dead

I’m also going to get down to 10-12%bf and maintain it.

Now the trick is I want to spend November/December clean, so all this stuff I’m talking about should be permanent. I also want to do it without getting boobs, losing hair, or damaging liver or kidney function – or the endocrine system as a whole.

I don’t get off on having 95 y/o Endocrinologists with cold hands playing with my boys, or dry-humping stuffed animals – unlike some people here.

That is completely possible warhorse, and goodluck doing it. I generally have very similar goals, however I only want to do one cycle (yea right).

my goal is to be ripped by summer time! 8% or below.

oh, and to kick someones ass in the gym.

I do not have any goals as far as how much weight I can lift, but I do have a few other goals. I want to do my first show in june, possible end of may. I want to hit the stage at no less than 188 @4% bf. I want to then work my up to about 8% around 210-215, and maintain it through dec.

215lbs, 6’3", 12%bf.
Strongpoints: thighs, shoulders.
Weakpoints: chest, triceps.

240lbs, 8%bf
To make my chest and tris a strongpoint.

How many freaking _-dogs are there? Do we have one for every letter of the alphabet yet? :wink:

I think it’s important to have SMART goals.


I always find I have a much better chance of achieving goals I set than if I just sit there and think about it.

Warhorse - yea i haven’t been around in a long time and I am just now noticing how many dogs have popped up (not P-DOG) but others. I just haven’t had a chance to sit down with myself and lay everything out specifically, but I will.

Goals for contest in March:

6’0 (or just a little under)
220 @ 8% bf

goal 220 at 4% bf

increase thickness in triceps and the overall gain of 5 lbs in muscle and I am good to go

Funny this thread should pop up. Old pyscho Ru12nvme does not have SMART goals at all. I want to throw such a crazy idea out that everybody looks and says there is no fucking way you can do that. Then when I do accomplish it I can just smile and say, “Kiss my mother f’n ass.” See the trick is making it humanly possibly but not insane. Willpower brothers that is what I am playing with right now. I am currently on day five of the “Fat Fast” diet. I tell ya it sure is not pretty. I am a carboholic. My own damn fault. I just slacked off for a little too long and no more mister nice guy. I am not stopping until I get nice and ripply and then you brothers can throw a party and welcome me back to the juice wagon. I think I will stop when I hit a sultry 250@7%. Sound possible?

Stats 5’ 7 165 gain and bf is 8%. Gain 10pds
lbm and work my ass off on building quads
chest and lats. Also pick up some young
T-vixen"s at the gym. My we all achieve our


yeah can the “dogs” stop popping up please. i am the one and only.

whoa whoa Ive been around since early '02, you may or may not have been around longer, wait what am i talking about

Theres this one girl who hangs out at my gym… Hmmmm now theres a goal.

I want to be able to:

Bench 2x BW
Squat and Dead 3x BW
Clean 2x BW
Snatch 1.5x BW

And get my BF down to 6% and hold it there forever. Any mass that i put on as a result will be a bonus.

In the next decade, but i’ll shoot for the end of the year.