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What Are Your Ambitions in Weightlifting?


Been hammering away for 12yrs. I'm 28 at the end of the year, I figure I have 5-8yrs at the top of my game, maybe a bit more? But who knows, but I know I'll still be hammering it in my 50's.

I use to dream about a 300 total when my total was less then 200 but I know I can get on that this year having done 127.5/150 in training and Cn 165. I just need to hook it up with my Jerk and I'm done but I'm still some ways off Jerking 160/165 but I have a good 5months of training left.

Go to Euros
Go to Worlds
To be British no1 some day. Got to beat out Peter K



Beat Koing.


I hope that I'd be able to snatch 120kg and c&j 140kg @ 77kg. Mid term goal is to snatch 100kg and c&j 120kg.

Why 77kg? I think for my 174cm/5'9" height that's about ideal (now 70-71kg). Also I do other sports (rock climbing) so I don't wanna be too heavy.


I don't really want to make super long term goals as my life can change pretty drastically the next few years.

My short term goal is to hit 100/120 by mid september at ~100kgs bodyweight. A year from now I'd like to be doing 120/145 or so. Eventually I'd like to be competitive for at least bronze medal in the nationals... and be lifting around 300-350 total in the 105 class.

I think, if all goes as I hope it will, the next year will be very telling of what I might be able to reach eventually and how far I can go. Then I'll be able to set better goals.


Love it!

I should f0cking hope so with you getting on The System with only 15months training as oppose to me after 11yrs of training! Your a good 6yrs my junior. You should be able to stack on 15+ on to each of your lifts a year now. At least 20-25kg on to your FS so that gives you a fat total by the time your 26-28.

95/115 before the end of the year for you.



Why the next year?



I'll join,

Been lifting since Nov, am old and slightly broken down now in my 30's, but starting weightlifting at the tail end of last year was easily the best decision I have ever made.

Goals, well, why not, I'd like to win Engligh, British and qualify for commonwealths before I am 40, which will most likely mean I will be the oldest lifter to do so. I have an uber long way to go for real, but I am a little intense by nature.


I feel like I'll be doing a lot more things right. Mainly recovery-wise and having a good training program. My technique will be adequate by then as well to be able to lift heavy in the oly lifts.

Basically I will be pushing it hard and then recovering hard as well. If I can stay injury free, then if I make small progress after a year of proper lifting and recovering and only add 10 kilos to my lifts then I won't go far. If I add 30 kilos then I think it's reasonable to assume that if I keep at it I can reach much higher goals.

Based on the fact that I've increased my squat 20kgs in 3 weeks in the past multiple times I think my body can go pretty far... the next year I will try to do things right and it will be a test to see how far it can go within one year.


I want to get 95/115 at my next comp Aug 6 at 85kg, and i want to get 100/120 by the end of this year. Longer term i want make a US Nationals qualifying total (253@85 i think) and compete in that event before i turn 35. I turned 32 in May so i need to improve 10% or so for the next 2 years.

Comp bests are 87 and 105, training bests are 90 and 110.


I've only learned decent technique on the lifts within the past year and as of yesterday I've done 97.5/125 at 73 (23 yrs old). I plan on starting to compete soon, there's a comp in Aug that I think I'm going to do. Within the next few years I hope to qualify for US nationals, which is something around 250 for a 77 lifter right now. Other than that, I've basically set myself a lifetime goal of totaling 300. I think it'd be pretty badass to total 300 as a 77, so I'll aim for that.



I want to hit 80/105 in september and ~87/115 by the end of the year. Current bests are 75/98 in training (done in march) but I took a 4 week break in may and now I'm trying to regain and improve technique and strength. After I hit the numbers for this year, I'll start working on 100/125. Not sure though how much time I have in O-Lifting since changes in my life can also happen drastically in the next few years.

Oh, and I'm a 77 kg lifter and 23 years old (BW currently around 72).


Prolly could have done london 2012 :wink:


good thread Koing.

would like to place fairly high at the Nationals next year in the 105 class. I think I have a good chance since my technique is getting more consistent.

Would like to go to Pan-Ams one day, and hopefully Worlds.


Awesome thread. Am a 23year old absolute beginner from New Zealand...But, have a pipe-dream of making the C-Wealth Games team.

Nothing like aiming high right? :wink:



hi Gulllefras. I'm a kiwi, too :slightly_smiling:

I'd like to snatch bodyweight.

Aside from that, dunno.


Hey alexus:

Always nice to meet a fellow kiwi!


yes. i am in aussie, now, but i am a kiwi. what do you suppose we need to do to make the olympics? qualify??


To lift in the worlds. I got into Olifting pretty late, about 2 years ago. I'm 25 this year, but I figure I should be goot till mid 30's.


I hear you mate. I've never really made any massive gain apart from my first year. The years have been steady eddy for me. But tis year I'm going to LUMP IT ON.



Tough call mate. I STILL have my wrist injury but it's getting better. Sn 120 on it yesterday.