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What Are Your 2022 Goals?

Happy New Years Tnation Family!
I thought it would be nice to share some goals for 2022
Here are some of mine


  1. get back to a 3xbodyweight deadlift by my birthday, 160kg deadlift by end of 2022
  2. 20 unbroken pullups
  3. squat 120kg


  1. get a paper published, or at least in review
  2. present at a lab meeting
  3. finish all applications


  1. read 5 non- economics books and 1 book in spanish
  2. finish a piece of writing
  3. get off campus for a non-essential activity (groceries, medical…) at least 3 times a semester

Good thread idea!

I only have one goal immediately come to mind, though I’m sure there are more - finish what I started during last year’s T-ransformation and lose 10-ish more pounds.

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Weight is 201 to 205…goal is 190

Save more money to get ready for retirement in 2023

Get outside more

Improve my golf game…shoot in 80s now…goal is to consistently shoot in the 70s

  1. Pay off credit card debt.
  2. Continue cut until maintainable level of leanness (with abs!), maintain for a couple months, then lean bulk.
  3. Improve big 3 as much as possible… Hopeful goals: Deadlift: 475x5>545x5, Squat: 365x5>405x5, Incline Bench: 265x5>315x5 (I don’t do flat bench)
  4. Finish a couple extra classes so I can graduate/get out of Cali faster
  5. Become proficient in at least Python and C++

Yes, I’m aware the big 3 goals are borderline too far but it won’t break my heart if I don’t meet them just yet :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy New Years!


I’ve lost 22 pounds over the last two and a half months, and I’m darn proud of that achievement. This coming year I’m going to try to fall in love with my body even more, and get into a real bodyweight fitness routine to support my health and happiness.
I am going to continue to count my calories and be in a weekly 1500 cal deficit to lose the 15 pounds more. Plus an hour of cardio 4 times a week. Weight loss planner every day.Intermediate level yoga


General goals:

  1. Start study of Theravada Buddhism. I have become disenfranchised with many aspects of Christianity.
  2. Keep blood sugar levels in check - get my A1c down below 6%
  3. Begin review of mathematics topics using MIT’s open courseware as preparation for pursuit of a Ph. D. in mathematics.
  4. Continue to grow my gardening knowledge…

Those are great goals!

My mum is also getting into Buddhism. The great thing about Theravada is that it’s much more of a philosophy than a religion.

This is a goldmine! I’m studying probability using it. Everything from lectures, recitation videos, problem sets and even exams are available. Honestly feel so lucky

Good luck wjth the maths!!

We’re losing him! :rofl:


My goals may be modest, but I’ll try to write them out. For me at least, modest goals seem to stick better.

1 For January, no drinking during the work week. If I am feeling of continuing, I will do so. I don’t drink much in excess, but those happy hour beers add up and hide the abs.

2 20 minutes of cardio on upper body days (twice a week). I know this is modest, and doesn’t seem very ambitious, but I think I’ll stick to it.

  1. I really like the punisher’s daily work idea. I am going to be a bit more modest, and do this on my work week non-gym days (Tuesday and Thursday). 30 pullups, 30 bicep curls, and 30 pushups.

  2. Eat a vegetable with every dinner. Lately I’ve gotten into letting this slip. Some nights those frozen curly fries make it into the air fryer.

Non Fitness:

1 Start a filing system. I am a mess with regards to organization. Taxes is always searching for documents. I’d like to have a simple filing system.

2 Add shelving to the basement laundry / storage room. Add shelving to the spare bedroom closet (it has the wall mounts, just not the wire shelves for them).


That’s the great thing about traditional buddhist practices. It doesn’t discount belief in Christ.

I think it’s mostly organized Evangelical a-holes I have a problem with.


what, you don’t care for blonde haired, blue eyed jesus? lol


All of my training log goals are “viable” this year.
200kg front squat,
260kg dead lift
130kg log

Also - I’m going to give doing 20 reps with 180kg a go. My end goal is 20 reps with 200kg - but that’s for next year I think. It will be too much of a push.


gardening knowledge…

I like it.

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Training goals:

Don’t get hurt.


Brush up on aluminum skills

Obtain some shop equipment. Of primary interest- drill press and belt/disk grinder. Maybe a good chop saw.

Start booking small jobs.


Squat 600x1, parallel.

Trap bar dl 700x1.

Pullup +180 x 1.

Run one mile in eight minutes.

Dexa scan results 10% bf.

Close thirty transactions.


Try to not get weaker or lose weight again this year. My goal is most likely the least realistic of the above.


I am confident you can achieve the latter goal. In fact, many striving to lose weight end up achieving your latter goal on accident.

I got a really nice Dewalt 12" chop saw on the used market for a huge discount. I am sure the other items can be found there as well. The belt / disk grinder might not be worth the time investment though? Expensive equipment I try to source used. I’d rather go quality used, than lower quality new.


Dewalt just had a pretty sweet deal where many newer brushless power tools were at a discount and most came with free batteries, which can cost upwards of $100. Got a couple kinds of drills. Hoping they repeat next Christmas season for some saws or something.


Yeah. The ones I like get snatched up quickly at auction and aren’t cheap. I have access to one saw now that is probably OK for aluminum and small steel stuff, but I’m always worried that they’ll start flinging teeth and smoking.

Like children. These things are a lot like children.

One guy at the supply place said Diablo blades are awesome, so maybe those are worth a shot.

Those things have Sooo much torque. My wrist is still recovering from getting snapped when a drill bit bound up in some plate I was drilling a few weeks ago.

I used pilot holes to make it easier, but those little buggers went through half inch plate like butter all day, and bored out to a half inch hole just wonderfully.


Get surgery and back to healthy and my strength levels afterwards.

Lose weight and look good naked.

Way less alcohol and junkfood.

That’s good enough