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What are your 1RMs?


I am interested in what are your 1 RMs in these lifts:
squat, bench, bicep curl, bent row (free weights). You can add other lifts if you want :slight_smile:


who tests their 1rm in the "bicep curl?"


squat 465
bench 360
dl 495


My triceps kickback max is just embarassing.




1RM are never a part of my training. That being said, I tried to deadlift the same weight I was rack pulling, 270. I had one helluva time getting it up - you should have seen my legs buckle! So, I believe 270 is close to my 1rm for deads.


Squat-455(yes I am a weak ass)
Bent Row-405


If your bent row is that close to your squat you need to seriously address either
A) your form in your bent row
B) your rat shit squat

you must look like a friggin light bulb
also if you a gonna post weight, you may as well say what measurement you are using... pounds? KG? newtons? grams? tonnes? hehehe


Today I squatted 185 for 8X3. LAst week I benched 165 for 10X5, and did UH rows 155 for 10X5.

So, I'm not a light bulb! But what am I?


i bench 12 stone!


Squat 270
Deadlift 285
Bench 210

Yes, I'm weak. Stronger than when I started 8 months ago though...


Like I said my 1rm squat sucks and never has been real strong. Leg press is another issue though. My 1rm on this is about 11 FORTY FIVE POUND (not kilos, grams, or twinkies) plates per side with good form. This meaning bringing the weight all the way back until my knees touch my chest. No 1/4 or 1/2 reps. No wraps, no hands on the knees for moral support.
In regards to my form on the rows its kinda hard to perform a "textbook" 1rm on that lift with 405Lbs. Form is pretty good all things considered though. Back arched and no wild up and down jerky pull either.
My back has always been my strongest bodypart. BTW, I did like your lightbulb comment. Pretty fucking funny!


Friggin leg press and curls? What is this T-Nation coming to?


What meet did yall do these in?


Leg ext - 180
Lat pulldown - 220
Calf raise - 300+
Swiss ball squats - 45
Smith machine deadlifts - 135 w/ spotter


Surreal... can't seem to get away from the "Yo, how much you bench?" question.


Bench: 700
Squat: 1000
Dead: 1100


I'm 6'3" 118 lbs.


i can throw a baseball 88 mph


I knew I should have not answered that damn question! I actually thought it was pretty good though. Nice to know the strength in general of the people on the forum. Puts a lot of things in perspective.
Now let me get back to my 1rm preachers!


405 Bent row! That is amazing.