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What Are You Thankful For 2019

Thanksgiving’s just around the corner, so I thought this thread might be appropriate. Here’s my top 5(pulled from my blog):

  1. CMU- CMU is the responsible for a good portion of the other items on the list, so I’ll start with the big one. I’ve written a bit about my college application experience (here and here); however, I’ve never gotten the chance to express how grateful I am to the admissions committee for inviting me in. CMU was probably one of the last places I imagined myself at, but now that I’m here, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. Everything from the size to the atmosphere and academics was exactly what I was looking for. Oh, it’s not just a computer school :wink:

  2. My Job(s)- Two of my biggest goals in university were to get a job and delve into research. CMU gave me the opportunity to do both at the same time as a lab assistant to TWO professors- Professor Downs and Professor Lowenstein (yes, George Lowenstein). I’m also invited to department lab meetings and seminars. Basically, I’m getting paid to learn and network with the top professors in the field- now that’s something to be thankful for. How lucky am I to be in an environment where top professors not only agree to work with undergraduates, but actively seek them out!

  3. School- Hold you’re breath- this is a LONG one. To start, my professors are AMAZING. Sure, the courses are introductory, but my professors make even the most basic content fascinating. I also struck gold in terms of my schedule. With only 2-3 classes a day, none of them longer than 80min, everyday feels like a weekend! As for workload, I’m able to do very well in school and still have time for work, blog and plenty of fun- enough said. This will probably change soon, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts

  4. Friends/the Community- I’ll admit, I’m not the most social person. I’ve never cared for a “close community”, but that’s changed this semester. Everyone from dorm mates to dining staff have made me feel more than welcome. Special shoutout to the Scobell boys. They’ve done so much for me- including always smiling, letting me use their kitchen on a regular basis and even running to get me chopsticks just because I asked! Oh, and how can I forget my friend who’s been keeping me company on my Pittsburgh adventures! @ChickenLittle @whang @T3hPwnisher @dagill2 @SkyzykS @queen_cobra @Pinkylifting @chris_ottawa and everyone else on Tnation who’s brightened my day with advice and entertainment

  5. Life Experience- I’ve been lucky sheltered kid for the past 18 years, but eventually, that was going to have to change. I’m more than thankful to be able to transition in such a safe environment. This semester, I’ve gotten to experience making doctor’s appointments, budgeting, doing laundry and even dealing with banks and online merchants! Sure, there’ve been struggles, but it’s actually been quite, I daresay, fun navigating the challenges.

Family and the basics (food shelter clothing) are also on the list, but they’re not unique to 2019


Looks like you’re having to the time of your life!

Can’t complain!

That it’s almost over

First and foremost, as always I am thankful for my family.

I am thankful that I am feeling better and more like my old self.

I am thankful for all my wonderful peeps who helped make my life better, and who have made me a better person. Well, on most days anyway. (Sure the sacker at the grocery store would disagree, but I warned him)


I appreciate this tag.

My answer is predictable, especially after just spending my daughter’s birthday surrounded by the people I love. But this year more than ever, i’m thankful for them.

And my incredible good looks.


Thanks for the @.

I’ve blathered all over the forums about it, so nothing new- had/have some health problems which came to a real head in June, so I’m really just very thankful to be here.


A happy healthy family; good, prospering career; having the ability to invest and build in my garage gym; having the time to invest in constructive and fruitful hobbies; having a wife who both challenges and supports me into growing into a better person; a growing appreciation for the often overlooked aspects of life; living in the present and looking to the future.

Also, apparently having the privilege to post on T-Nation for 14 years today…


I am Thankful for God, and just who he is.

I’m thankful for discovering my life’s purpose this year.

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I nearly died in a car accident the day after Thanksgiving, so I’m thankful to still be here at all.

Driving home from dinner (alone), a decent-sized buck jumped out in front of me. I did everything you’re not supposed to do: swerved hard to the right (attempting to miss the deer, which I failed at), then slammed the brakes, lost control, hit a power pole, and flipped. No idea now many times I rolled.

I emerged from that incident with nothing but a small scratch on my left leg and a destroyed winter jacket. The car was also totaled, but insurance paid for everything. What proved to be my saving grace was the state of the power pole itself; it was very old and completely rotted through, so it got cut in half when my vehicle hit it. Had it been a brand new, solid pole, I definitely would have been fucked.


Holy shit- seems like the world really wants you to live! Glad to hear you’re safe