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What are You Strugling With?


Hello everyone,

I was just wondering what other forum members are struggling with at the moment. Is it lack of motivation, over training or something else. Or maybe it is something more specific like stubborn pecs or arms that wont just grow. Please share your thoughts.




Lol. That´s a good one.


Eating enough.




Hey man,

Sleep used to my problem too back in the college. I was only be able to get 4-5 hrs/night and I had just started training. I can tell you it is one of the biggest enemies of your efforts at the gym. Try your best to get at least 7 hrs/night if you can.




struggling with weighted pull ups
but then again, I've only tried it twice


Injuries w/out insurance.
Balancing carb loads with reverse dieting efforts.


How to fit all 15ml of Test into one syringe.


^^^ LOL, I guess mine is the opposite...

That is not using steroids. I train around a lot of guys who use them. I guess I still take a sense of pride in not using and training hard naturally.

Though it can be a challenge not giving in. (Just to note, I don't have anything against drugs and respect guys who use them.)


Dropping fat. Body is being a total bitch this time around.


how are you programming them?


I've been doing only bodyweight pull ups for the past 3 years or so.
Started training at a new gym with a weight belt so I tried it again.
Got up to 135lbs +bodyweight(140lbs), so I threw another 25lbs plate on, but only going up halfway. No program really, but something I'd like to hit. bw+160lbs.


Questioning my ability to become strong.


Some structural defects, combined with severe muscle imbalance from 10 years of golf that have led to some pretty bad injuries (one meniscus in each knee and a recovery from a hip surgery that I'm 4months into).


Well, if you have just started training I would not suggest that you do weighted pull ups. I found doing 10-15 proper pull ups with no weights while engaging all of your lats is much more effective than hanging a 45 lbs plate between your legs and barely doing 2-3. I used to be the most egoist guy at the gym but not anymore!!! I always prioritize form over weights and yet I continually increase the weights while maintaining a proper form.

Just keep mind, heavy weights build your muscles but your form is what shapes them.


I dont know what your experience level is but you may have just hit a plateau (either physical or psychological). Something I have experienced numerous times in my career. I suggest you maintain your belief and confidence even when you see no gains.

Progress rarely provides an instant feedback, majority of things that are worth pursuing are like bamboo trees. You water it for 5 years straight and it grows to its peak height in only 3-4 months. I know exactly what you are going through as I have been there before.

You must though, be able to control your thoughts before anything else, your brain is your strongest muscle after all.


How is your recovery coming along?


We are on the same boat as far as not using steroids. Many of my friends do but for me it is more than just getting a better physique at any cost, but more about getting results of my labor in a natural way.

If I was competing maybe I would have thought differently but, I have received offers from photographers with my current physique and yet never used any steroids. Yes it takes a lot longer to progress naturally but I just love the process itself as much as the end results so I don´t mind going through the journey.

However though, I understand those who use steroids because it is simply about what you expect from the sport and how you are willing to get your results.