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What are You Researching Now?


I often find myself looking up old articles on here when changing something in my routine. I thought it'd be interesting to see what others are checking out and if we could refer info to each other for anything that we may not deem thread worthy in and of itself.

With that being said, I recently found out my lats are severely lagging and found this article w/ a lot of different lat raise variations:


Hey, great article. Thanks for the suggestion. I've just registered here and am only just now looking through the articles. Hope some more users post.


Lately I've been going on autopilot and sticking to programs from the Archives, rather than designing my own routines. So far this year, I've gone through:
Waterbury's ABBH 1 and 2:

Henriques' 8-week Basic Strength Plan:

Cosgrove's Complexes for Fat Loss:

Thib's OVT:

And just started Waterbury's SOB Training:

Overall, the save on brainpower from not having to figure out (and constantly tweak) my own routine is a huge benefit. I do believe it's something that any lifter should consider, regardless of experience. It's also convinced me that I'm almost-definitely going to "outsource" my nutrition as well, and will probably be looking into working with a diet coach.



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