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What Are You On?


ok folks, time for another thread detailing our current cycles.

the juice is currently @ day 10 of a 50 day cycle:

  • day 1 and 2: 200 mg prop, 200 mg npp
  • days 4-26: 100 mg prop EOD, 100 mg npp EOD
  • days 1-30: 30 mg D-bol ED
  • days 26-46: 100 mg prop EOD, 100 mg masteron EOD

  • 1.25 mg letro E3D during cycle (a higher dose, or more frequent administration kills my sex drive...should have got some a-dex in hindsight since i find it easier to dose correctly)

  • tribulus ED during cycle

PCT: starts day 50, 100 mg clomid ED for 1 week, followed by 50 mg clomid ED for 1 week

feel free to post your current cycles.


I just started a 2 gram frontload of enanthate this week i plan on running a gram of test per week. Im using 50 mg of anadrol ed for the first few weeks to get things rolling as will as 1.25 mg eod of femera to control estrogen. I plan on adding another compound a month in any thoughts?


My next cutter will look like:

Week 1-8 Test Prop 100mg/ed
Week 1-8 Masteron 75mg/ed
Week 1-8 Tren Acetate 75mg/ed

Gonna wreck shop on some fat........
Burn, baby burn!

Current cycle:

Week 1-10 Cip/Prop (blend) 600mg/wk
EQ 1-12 600mg/wk
T-bol 1-4 50mg/ed
Winny 4-10 50mg/ed


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Bushy you crack me up. You've gotta love your wiley thirst for knowledge!

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore"

I'm about to start my annual big cycle. Once a year I treat myself to a long cycle, purely for my own pleasure. Through the rest of the year I do very short top-up cycles, purely for maintenence. If you are interested here's the cycle I'm about to start:

Wk 1-4 Test Prop 100mg ED
Wk 1-4 Drol/Winny caps x2 ED
Wk 1-14 Test Enan 600mg / wk
Wk 1-14 EQ 400mg / wk
Wk 8-14 OT 40mg ED
Wk 14-18 Test prop 100mg ED
Wk 14-18 Masteron 100mg ED

PCT (18-22)
20mg/day Nolvadex for 6 weeks
20mg/day Aromasin for 4 weeks
500iu/day HCG for 3 weeks
1000iu/day Vitamin E for 3 weeks

I've decided to try Anthony Roberts' PCT protocol (don't flame me P-22!!!), as I've felt that in the past the results from my PCTs have been variable at best. I'm looking forward to it as I've not tried EQ before as part of a cycle, and I've heard a load of good things about it.

I don't think my liver and I are going to be on speaking terms for quite sometime after this little episode!!!



Not to bash anyone but all these exotic cycles really make me smile, not because i am so much smarter but because i did the same shit for many years. Just as an experiment compare the complex cycle you do next with a simple test only cycle with a little dbol thrown in maybe and see what happens. Basically you are just wasting alot of mental energy and money, again i did the same shit for years so i am not judging anyone, just trying to save you some cash.

Also the overuse of anti-e's is really prohibiting most of your gains. To take things one step further, my favorite stack is test cyp at about 500mg per week, masteron enanthate at 200 per week, dbol at 30mg per day. Notice how much lower my doses are than what alot of guys are considering? The sauce plays a role guys but its not a panacea.

And before you ask i am at 275 pretty much year round and 6' tall, i don't compete but like to stay realatively lean. My stategies have been evolving over 20 years and it took a long time for me to accept that huge doses and complex cycles really did not make much of a difference.


I don't begrudge anyone for their desire to have exotic cycles. I love reading the shit that BBB comes up with. A human guinea pig if there ever was one.

In fact one could actually look to him as one that actually tries out what he proposes rather than just writing about a theory and then having the lemmings do the field testing for you.

But I like simple cycles. I don't do orals. This is my most exotic cycle to date (only three cycles in, so not exactly a vet yet.) I started my most recent cycle last Tuesday.

Week 1-4 700mg test prop (200mg eod)
Week 1-13 781ng test enanthate (250mg E3D)
Week 1-11 500mg deca (200mg E3D)

The test as kicked in and all is well on the homefront :wink:


I agree BBB always tells an interesting story but i guarantee if he is still doing this 10 years from now he will be like...what the hell was i thinking?


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Anavar and Test Prop.


6 weeker

1-6 weeks test enth (1400 mg frontload) 700 mg throughout

1-2 weeks 20 mg ed Phera-plex
10-20 mgs superdrol

3-6 40 mgs var ed (would 60 make that huge a difference?)

1 mg of arimidex eod
then P-22 style pct


600mg test prop wk
500mg tren ace wk
400mg bold prop wk
40mg d-bol ed



im on a cypionate cycle right now


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about two weeks out from starting my first ever.

10 weeks
600mg Test E
600mg EQ

frontloading the test only for the first two weeks.

PCT, deciding between tradtional or P-22 style


I'd be curious to know;-D. My last cycle was Anavar only which I did to get a full picture of its actions on my body. I ran 40 for 2 weeks then up that to 60 for 2 weeks. Definitely noticed an increase in strength and speedier recovery at 60.

Not that I'm encouraging you to take more var WG just relaying my findings. In combination with the test, I'm not sure you would notice the extra 20.

Can you let me know how you get on with P-22's PCT. It'll be good to exchange notes on the different PCTs we're trying.



I will do.

Unfortunately, I won't be getting bloodwork done as I have no health insurance. Are you?


I was asking about d-bol and he grilled me about that when hes using test but enyways im considering about 1000mg's of test with a 250mg phena a week of course it is home brew hopeing to get a bit bigger i dunno i probably wont come up with the money but enyways keep on truckin and juicein


Don't worry bro, you won't need to because you will know you are recovered. btw I added a research article to that pct thread that really proves my case check it out if you are interested.

Myself right now:

Test enanthate
Tren enanthate
test suspension on training days
and I'll probably throw back in some O.T again in a little while.
I'm starting my diet soon for the comp in June. - will try and come in this year as shredded as last year, only fuller and at 220.


You won't be investigating shit bud if you don't go off for a bit, or at least lower you dosages under 300 mg a week for about 3 months. your body is used to these high AAS levels and won't respond any differently now untill you take a breather. I would cycle off more often myself if it wasn't for these dam shows :slight_smile: - but at least I get the anabolic effects of the post diet rebound :).

As for Masteron, I have had good results just using 400 mg masteron enantahte with 400 mg Equipoise per week. Now anti-E's needed.