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What are You On?


Exactly what the title says..... what are you guys currently running?

Hopefully we get some responses, as threads like this are interesting, and good for sharing of info, ideas etc.

Me: Curently on 400 mg/week test E, 600 mg/week Mast E, 0.25 mg adex ED, 250 IU HCG E3D, 100 mcg GHRP2 and 100 mcg GRF1-29 twice per day. This will be ending shortly and I will be doing a 4 week "recovery period" of 20 mg test E/wk, 40 mg Mast E/wk, 50 mg clomid ED, 20 mg nolva ED, 0.25 mg adex EOD to E3D, 100 mcg GHRP2 & 100 mcg GRF 1-29 twice per day. At the end of the 4 weeks if I feel decent I will likely drop everything but the peptides for 2 more weeks before going back on.

Feel free to share.


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Mine is pretty boring at the moment: 240mg test a week (in two doses), 0.25-.5mg adex twice a week (I'm trying to titrate according to libido, 250iu HCG twice a week.

I got some blood work done about 6 weeks ago and cholesterol was a bit messed up, I did have a virus at the time (chest infection) but I hadn't been on a 'cruise' for about a year so decided it was definitely about time. I'm having the blood tests re done at the end of January and if all is good i may go back onto a blast, although training is actually going quite well at present so I may try and exhaust all of my 'cruise' gains until I feel like I really need the 'boost'. After a years blasting I think the longer this cruise can last the better.

Over the last twelve months I have been on: 800-1000mg test a week, but some weeks as low as 400mg; 600mg test and 400mg deca a week, and probably my favorite: 400mg test, 200mg masteron and 200mg tren a week (TNT we call it) all long esters and in a 400mg/ML form so I was only doing a shot every third day to maintain stable blood levels.

My work capacity was probably highest on the deca and test, which was my first time using deca but my calorie intake was very high and there were a few other variables at play so it was hard to pinpoint exactly what (if it was any one thing) was providing the additional benefit, I think I was definitely at the point where I physically and mentally needed a break. Psychologically the first couple of weeks were difficult and I kept feeling like I should be taking more but I persevered with the self control and feel great now (comfortable with what I am on) and am only slightly behind where I was strength wise.


Starting Monday Test 400(175mg testE,175mg TestC, 50mg TestProp) with an additional two pins of prop a week @50mg
First 2 weeks prop frontloaded @ 100mg. Soooo 650mg test first two weeks, 500mg for additional 10.
Adex on hand
Hcg @ 250 iu 2x weekly weeks 2-12
Clomid pct.. +DAA.
Boring but first inj cycle.


Maybe I'm missing something here, but you are really just running 20 mg of T per week? What do you hope to accomplish with that?

Also, SERMs while still taking test? For what reason?


It's basically a cleanse and hybrid stasis/taper period after which if I choose to come off I can more seamlessly, and if I don't then I've at least cleaned out a little, resensitized, and maybe kicked a small amount of natural function back into myself for a period.

It's all there in the taper protocol information, and various other related sources of information. Of course all the information regarding exogenous test below 100 mg/wk and masteron in low dose ranges in regards to suppression are directly related to a healthy, functioning HTPA. But there also really isn't any evidence to undeniably suggest at what level of exogenous AAS in the body that recovery can begin (low to be sure). It's a meeting of the two, as seen in the taper plus SERM approach. I just simply skip the higher dose stasis and get right to below 100 mg/wk total exo AAS with low test and mast to have some support while the ancillaries stimulate my body to fight to make up the difference. It's mostly theorectical, but I've used periods like this in the past with satisfactory results in regards to maintaining libido, maintaining gains, avoiding crashes, and smoothly transitioning off if i choose to do so with a few more weeks of tapering. I've also had bloods done in the past before and after, and there was a noticeable increase in natural functions after a lengthy lengthy period on. I'm likely going to be a Blast and cruise/TRT guy because of my cycle history, and also a personal desire to go that route, as are others, but I choose to come off occasionally for now, even if it is a minor break (I was actually off for over a year recently though).


Been running 750/wk Test E, 500/wk EQ for 9 weeks, one more week of this then 75mg ED of Test P for 3-4 weeks to finish. Aromasin Nolva and Hcg too.


juice: Interesting, thanks for responding...I couldn't wrap my head around it...I still "feel" like 20 mg is an almost pointless dose, but it sounds like you have a game plan with it and have used it (or similar) before, so that's straight...I would be curious to see how this plan works out for you if you are detailing it anywhere in a log here...


But is your liver being protectant-ed?


I should probably add more detail. I will have my last shot of 200 test/300 mast, and then a wait period of 10 days prior to starting the cleanse. This should allow some time for the levels already in me to get down arount TRT type levels. The 20 may be a little light, but I'll still have TRT type levels of AAS in me when I start. The test is just a minor buffer and the mast for libido to avoid a total crash.

4 weeks is on the short end, but I'm not looking to fully recover now if ever, I just want to go by feel to see if that may be possible. Bloods obviously are the real way to go, but I've tried to come off enough to know based on feel where I might be at, as most long term users who are in tune with themselves and may have had some bloods to support their instincts can do.

If I wanted to recover, I would likely need some more HCG and possibly HMG therapy followed by a good 10-12 weeks of sub 100 mg/wk support with a test mast combo, and addtion of a SERM as I tapered it down to nothing. Based on the past, that would get me to a point where everyday life (physical feeling, libido, mental state) would be not too bad once everything was removed.

When I came off for an extended period the last time, I tried traditional PCT, and because of the duration and dosages I had been running, came up feeling like shit when I was done. Libido was crap, general feeling was crap. Lots of guys have been there I'm sure. Had bloods, was suppressed to the point where I had barely any normal function going.

Ran TRT levels of test and tapered it down with some SERMS to support over an 8 week period. The subsequent bloods showed an increase to levels just below low normal. I wish I had the paperwork still, but memory will have to serve for this broism.


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Wow. I've been reading about triptorelin for the last hour or so and it seems like some pretty powerful stuff. Would this be a decent option for someone after running a 6-8 week tren ace cycle, or would that be overkill? Also, should it be followed by a SERM pct? I've read some conflicting views on this. Finally, do you think that the acetate vs pamoate ester makes a great deal of difference? I've also read some conflicting views on this. It seems that this stuff is fairly new, so it's hard to distinguish the legit opinions from the bro-science. Thanks.


Before being flamed, I don't mean a solo tren cycle either. Obviously one would need to run an aromatizable compound as well. But I know that when one steps up to the 19-nors the trade-off is increased shut-down compared with straight test.

Again, thanks.


There is some decent info on triptorelin...


Thanks bushy...I can get it at Canadian peptide suppliers without issue....just hadn't really gotten too in depth with peptide research beyond basic GHRP and GNRH. I'll definitely give it a look.


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Cool, thanks.