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What Are You Giving Up?


On another thread, Brother Chris posted 'Give up ... until abortion ends.' and admitted to giving up tobacco. The idea of sin taxes to pay for anything other than the prevention/treatment of those sins has always been interesting to me;

Prominent Political Figure X: We'll tax cigarettes to pay teachers and civil servants that way we'll discourage smoking and increase revenues!
Ignored constituent: But, if people suddenly or even gradually stop smoking, how are we going to pay our teachers and civil servants?

But people from all walks of life seem to make personal 'sin taxes'. Being at least somewhat physically oriented and somewhat politically oriented forum, I'm interested to know what things people give up for what "political" reasons.


Starting off;

Across the pond this wouldn't be taboo, but here; I don't drink ice in anything. It's my little contribution to fight "global warming". Besides, most everywhere I go the drinks are already cold.

I've given up coffee, partly because I have a pretty clear addiction problem and partially because of, again, "global warming". It has no nutritional value, stains your teeth, makes your breath smell and costs 4X as much as a tank of gas.

Sick or otherwise incapacitated, I make it a point to be outside on the hottest and coldest day of the year (not just the walk to my car). There are those doing their duty and those less fortunate that don't have the choice of inside or out on the hottest and coldest of days.


Glad Brother Chris gave up tobacco as it's bad for his health. Other than that I don't believe in this sort of protest. It doesn't make much more sense than someone going on a hunger strike until we leave Iraq. You know it's pointless. If you want to make a real difference get behind someone who wants to run for office who will actually make a real change. Other than that make sure you vote in all of local, state and national elections. If someone actually feels better for giving something up well then great do it. But it won't mean a box full of crackers in the long run.


"Prayer united to sacrifice is the most powerful force on earth." - Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

But, I digress.


I assume you've not heard that we may hit a little ice-age w/in the next ten years due to reduced sun-spot activity?


You don't have to tell me ice in my drink isn't going to "fix" "global warming". I'm pretty sure Brother Chris is rational enough to know that Phillip Morris isn't going to miraculously campaign against abortion to get him to start using tobacco again. The people in the video were giving up Coke and ice cream desserts, things they should probably do anyway, to stop abortion.

I was more wondering about other peoples' irrational rationalities, the habits of the superstitious agnostics, the 'false martyrdom' people impose on themselves. We all have a pretty good idea of how to change laws or otherwise get things done in this country, but a lot of us still either a) have a habit that we arbitrarily associate with or justify as a political action or b) have a political cause to which we whimsically ascribe some of our actions.

Belief is kind of beside the point, 'Do you partake?' is more the question. I'm assuming your answer is "No".


I'm 80% sure global warming (distinct from climate change!) is occurring, I'm 5% sure it's driven or predominated by mankind's presence/effects, I'm 0.0001% sure that there's anything my or even my children's generation can do on an individual level to fix the claimed effects in the timetables discussed. I silence the 0.000019% of me that's sure it's happening because of us and can be fixed by me by not drinking coffee or ice cubes.

If the Ice Age comes, I'll start drinking coffee, maybe it will bring the sun-spots back, maybe the carbon footprint will help warm things up.


I gave up cigarettes a good while back...Still my biggest regret. I really, really, liked smoking. I still dream about it. No, i have never fallen off the wagon.


I can't really think of anything I do along those lines, so the answer is "No" for me as well.