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What Are You Giving Up for Lent?


Hey guys... As we all know Lent is coming up and i just wanted to check in to see what everyone will be giving up for lent.

For me, i think instead of giving up something i will dedicate at least one day for eat something unhealthy, i rarely get out of my healthy eating lifestyle and need to learn to enjoy life and what God has given us. So i hope these for days will help me achieve it..

Post What your giving up for lent!


I'm going to give up reading crappy religious threads.


Damn it. I was going to say "religion" but someone beat me to something like that.


The dude was crucified for you, and as a show of support you're going to eat Twinkies and HoHos? That seems like a fair deal.


I'll second that!


I'm gonna give up benching and do push presses.


forced sodomy


Hmmmm...lent is not in the Bible...


I won't ride my dinosaur.


I give up being tolerant of gays. Cause God hates The Gay.


Not at all, Homosexuality, Adultery, Fornication, Bestiallity are all sexual sins.


But man I love fornicating. Although I was never down with beastiallity...get some of those Texas fellas up in here and they can let us know :wink:


I thought Texans were an "all in the family" type... or is that elsewhere?


Maybe Canada?


Do you have family in Texas btm?


Kinda yes, kinda no. They are not from there. Retired folks. They winter there.



Speaking of Texas what happened to rainjack?

Did you finally find out where he lives?