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What Are They Thinking?

Wow is all i can say. Here at 29 palms we have two gyms. The west gym which has rows of benches, stacks of free weights, huge dudes, dark lighting and stinks like butthole. I always have gone to the west gym but its closed weekends and holidays. So i strolled up to the east gym/ fitness center. There is one flat, one incline and one decline bench. Mostly machines. No music but they have 4 t.v.'s set to mtv and home and garden channel. Treadmills in the same room as the “weight room”. But the worse thing is they have pink walls!! No shit two of the 4 walls are pink. With fakes plants sitting on ledges. No one in the whole place is even somewhat pumped up about lifting. Sorry for such a long post but i just wanted to let everyone know what marines and docs have to deal with and theres still quite a few that are huge. Thanks for letting me ramble on.

Semper Fi and have a good day!!!