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What Are they THINKING?


Again...I'm talking the politics of it all...

Let's not get into some useless clusterfuck about what you feel about the "Evil Trifecta" of Reid/Obama/Pelosi...that's been beat to death.

What I don't understand, in terms of the Politics of it all is this:

There were literally GOP candidates that ran very few "negative" adds about their opponent...and instead made it a race against Pelosi (or made their opponent a supporter of Pelosi).

How the hell could the DEMS POSSIBLY elect her as the minority leader?

Is it about "cashing in" political favors?

What is the "poilitics" of electing someone so divisive instead of, say, a "Blue Dog" Democrat?

(I'm all ears if someone can explain this one to me...)



Maybe Nancy Pelosi is a forceful advocate for positions that most members of the House of Representatives Democratic Caucus agree with, on issues that most members of the House Democratic Caucus consider important.

Maybe most members of the House Democratic Caucus think her current unpopularity will be a passing thing.

Or maybe most members of the House Democratic Caucus believe that Nancy Pelosi's popularity or unpopularity will be roughly parallel to the popularity or unpopularity of the positions they believe in, so they might as well stick with her as their leader.


Okay...interesting thoughts, Neal...

So...ideology over "survival" or practicality?

I thought the number one "drive" in Congress was to get re-elected?

Are you then saying that the DEMS said: "WTF...what do we have to lose?"



That is their primary drive. When questioned about why they are so ineffective as a party they can point to her, the clown faced lunatic of the party, then get re-elected.

Doesn't matter how much of a grifter the person in question is when they have a blue chip scapegoat like her to point at.


It all boils down to districts. I'm sure you've seen my assessment of the way districts are drawn up by legislators who essentially choose who votes for them, rather than the other way around, on other threads. It's not outlandish at all that Pelosi (a very divisive figure indeed) is popular amongst the Democratic reps because most of them are hardly moderate anymore. To them, she is a perfect representative of their views and the problem is not with her but with those who disagree with their stance.

Of course this could just as easily be applied to the other side of the aisle as well. See: Newt Gingrich


I heard she said that if she wasn't made minority leader that she would hold them down one by one and make all their faces look like hers, brimmed with botox.

But seriously, I guess she is 'good' at her job as a party leader, she did manage to get health care through the house. And Obama likes her as a counter balance to him, which may sound strange but thats what frontline said about the two of them.

Her face legit gives me nightmare though.


Just to add...

It seems even more confusing to me that she won by such a WIDE MARGIN!

(But as DB said; maybe she is a "perfect" representative of the views held by those whom supported her).



Both parties have pretty much been hijacked by the most extreme ideological bases. So I half expected this because the far left loves her and feeds off the hate of her from the far right.


She's from SF. I'm surprised she was even opposed at all. I think there were two or three representatives in California who ran unopposed and if I had to guess ahead of time I would have guessed that she would be one of them.


One possible reason she was not initially eliminated from consideration (which was at one point a real possibility) is that it wouldn't matter who the minority leader turned out to be. The conservative punditry would have demonized them anyway. So, why throw up another target... she seems capable of living with the role.


DB is right, the Bay Area is so liberal now, you might as well consider it it's own socialist country. She will never be unseated.


The left lost a lot of conservative dems this election and the pinkos are all that is left save the 28 who voted against her. Hell 1/2 of the dems are from Ca and NY. One side is getting more leftist, the other is getting more conservative.


Correct me if I'm wrong...

In 2008; didn't the GOP "fire" the majority leader and immediately gather the ranks?



I think the Dems are hoping the GOP fucks up completely and will just hand the power back to them, I think they realize America will never vote for them but they will vote against the GOP. She being re-elected pretty much says the Dems are going to continue the progressive agenda.