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What Are These Products?

Ok, so…

I’m at the local seedy supp store next to the gym that most of the members on this site wouldn’t mind training at.

This supp store was the kind that kept M1T after the ban…

So I go in today, and I see 2 new bottles.

One says “4-AD”

The other


I chuckle and tell the employee “You guys stock fancy tribulus now? Or is that something I havent heard of”

He throws me the bottle.

The back of “4-AD” has one of it’s ingredients listed as “Diandrone” I google it on my PDA and find this www.chemindustry.com/chemicals/2027.html
My eyes stop when I see the four ringed structure. WTF?! I thought real stuff was banned!

I go and look at the other bottle and it says “1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one”

Both products are made by “Advanced Muscle Science”

Can anyone explain this!?!?!?

I would think that would almost have to be fake stuff, but who knows. How seedy?

From what I have read, the 4-AD is 1 hydrogen molecule off from the original 4-AD (I could be wrong because I am working from memory). So, for now, it is legal because it is not the same prohormone.
Whether the change effects the usefullness of the product or not … I couldn’t tell you.

Its supposed to be the same as 1-AD and 4-AD, the old 1AD was one step away from 1-TEST, the new 1AD is one step away from converting to the old 1AD.

I never took the original 4-AD, and don’t plan on taking any hormone untill I reach my natural potential.

But everyone who has tried it that i’ve talked to says it’s nearly the same.