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What Are These Exercises: Crazy 8s and Busdrivers


Hello I'm doing a workout program and for today I'm supposed to do something called crazy 8s for shoulders. I've tried googling it but it turns out that people call all sorts of exercises/workouts crazy 8s. I've found a protocol for biceps, but it's listed as a shoulder exercise in the program.

Also what are dumbbell bus drivers?

Thank you in advance.


I usually see busdrivers refer to a front raise variation, turning the weight kinda like a busdriver turning a steering wheel.

Some people just hold the weight out in front and turn the weight, some add a full front raise like in the video (squat stance not necessary). I guess you could either do it with one dumbbell in each hand, still getting the rotation movement, or holding one dumbbell with both hands just like the weight plate.

Crazy 8s could really be anything. Locking the weights out overhead and walking in a figure 8 pattern (for shoulder stability). Something like old school 21s where you do maybe 8 partials at the bottom, 8 partials at the top, and then 8 full reps. Hell, maybe some funky lateral raise/front raise combo where you wave dumbbells in a sideways figure 8/infinity sign in front of you.


Crazy 8s are a cunnilingus finisher if I'm not mistaken.


As long as you use a counter-clockwise swirl :wink:


Only in the Northern Hemisphere though.


ah yes, the corionilingus effect


No its only if she's a lefty. The hemispheres thing is a myth. What's with all the broscience on these forums?