What Are the Signs of E2 Crash?

Would it be obvious if your e2 has crashed from arimadex? I feel fine, elbows a tinnnny bit dry feeling, sex drive seems about the same(maybe a little lower). But nothing else I’ve really noticed. I’m taking 1 mg every other day. Should I drop it? I’m in 800 mg test a week, no other compound that would raise estrogen. I only added it this time cuz I had a bad case of gyno last cycle. But it has since cleared up. Should I cut it out and see how it goes? How long would it take for my e2 to rise again?

Assuming you are in the US and depending on what US State you are in you can have estradiol tested at Quest lab for $44 using a service such as Walk-In-Labs Estradiol Blood Test: Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization | Walk-In Lab

Why guess?

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