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What Are the Pros of T Levels in High-Normal Range vs Mid-Normal or 700?


I’m getting my 8th weekly 100mg injection tomorrow and taking blood work again after 3 month mark so I guess in 5 weeks or so.

What are the advantages of having T levels in the 900-1100 range? If it’s in that range do doctors usually lower it to avoid sides? I’m talking advantages when it comes to weight lifting, energy, etc when compared to 500-700 range.

Also is everyone on TRT supposed to take HCG? Why do some take it? I know it’s for getting balls normal size…is that for more sperm?



Insurance doctors usually shoot for mid normal. They tend to not optimize. To answer your question more test = more ability to build muscle, get stronger, recover faster but also perhaps more acne, more side effects, more RBC, etc. There is a trade off; the sides increase exponentially as you go up. And some guys just dont feel good over mid-normal/high-normal. So it’s a bit individual. I personally feel better in the 900-1200 range…Im less tired, better libido, etc.

Everyone does not need to take HCG. It is to preserve testicular function including testosterone production and fertility.


I think you should let your free t measurements dictate where your total t will fall.


What do I Google to get a non insurance doctor that’ll prescribe TRT whether it’s a specialist or not ? You’re the 2nd person on here that mentioned this route of doctors


If you are in the US “Defy” is a good one but there are other clinics that will work over the phone too. Google “Male Clinic” “HRT Doctors” “TRT Doctors” “TRT Clinics” etc.


Defy is the same one last guy said. What do you mean over the phone?


When you say non-insurance doctors do you mean ones that don’t take insurance AT ALL? I thought these clincis took insurance lol. I called a couple of these testosterone/hrt clinics couple weeks ago and they didn’t take my insurance makes me wonder if they take any at all


Usually they dont take insurance at all. You pay for labs, meds, and visits/interviews.


Defy manages your care remotely. You dont need to visit their facility.


Defy ordered the labs weeks ago and I had a consultant yesterday over the phone, a treatment plan was suggested amd I’m going to follow it. Medicine is being mailed to my location, doctors will continue to monitor my progress every 6 months.

The top notch clinics don’t take insurance because it’s too restrictive and because doctors have to fight with the insurance companies to get stuff covered, it’s too much hassle and is why private practice refuse to take insurance.


@systemlord I wish I could mute all your posts at this point. Apparently you have chosen Not to share your experience with your dr at defy with us. And what protocol he suggested and what he said about your labs. Which is a main reason Members come on this forum and what members want to here. But it’s ok for you to give advice to people on here… credibility :arrow_down:


Is this worth it for me if I only make $2,000 a month…I’m 25 and senior in college and I’d probably go this route once I get a better job. However for right is this feasible for me?


Waiting on a final set of labs before ordering the medication, started a new protocol after my initial Defy labs (4 weeks ago) so AI dosing would have been based on my old protocol. I told Dr. Saya I would be more than happy to head down to labcorp and draw a sensitive E2 test so he could base the AI dosage of my actual E2 levels, he took me up on my offer and will be getting labs early next week.

Go ahead and attack my credibility because I can absorb it.