What Are the Most Popular Peptides That Actually Work?

Years ago I did CJC 1295 and GHRP-6. What are people taking now?

Thank you

It’s fine to talk about peptides in the Pharma forum here, but we don’t talk about specific brands, labs, or sites.

Also, it’s not the brightest idea to sign a post that discusses illegal (or, okay, “questionably” legal) activities with your real name. So I did you a solid and edited it out.

Why can’t we talk about brands I get sources, and dealer info but not brands. I think it could do alot of good to allow brand talk. Just my 2 cents

Started years ago as an idea proposed by forum members, actually.

Partly legal issues (so we don’t turn into a source board or develop a reputation for being the go-to to find out where to get gear), partly to avoid scammers (so we don’t have trolls show up with threads like “Hey guys, Acme Brand Tren is the best. Got a great deal on it, too. PM me to find out more.”)

“Is this brand legit”-type threads will eventually pop up on search engines, which can bring more trouble than its worth. The standard line is that Pharma is for discussing when, how, and what (generally) to use, not what (specifically) to use and where to get it.


Everyone here and anyone that uses test will tell you that peptides are nowhere near injectables, and will never be, i was on them before injectables and thought i was getting somewhere but they are as efficient as buying a preworkout for energy when you can just make some coffee, let that sink in.

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will you gain 30 pounds of muscle ? no. I do think a Ghrp and mod compo or something similar is definitely worth it, muscle gain, and I found my body could take a lot more volume and recover from it.