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What are the Most Effective Kinds of Creatine?

Curious to what kinds of creatine do the job other than HCL and Monohydrate.

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Krealkalyn is good stuff, no stomach issues or water retention, and especially seems to help with endurance stuff like high rep sets and HIIT cardio. Only need to take on training days

CEE/ethyl ester works fantastic for me personally especially recovery when take post workout ,but does nothing for like 80% of friends have recommended to

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I’ve never noticed any difference between any of them.

The big turn off for me is the ethyl ester tastes like some weird cherry/rubbing alcohol kind of flavor.and ruins a perfectly good cup of coffee.

There is actually a bunch of studies out there concluding that creatine monohydrate seems to be the best and the others that are claimed to be better are really not. Specifically kre-alkalyn.