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What Are The Effects of Low SHBG?

I have low SHBG
ABOUT * 18 Or so (10-70)

does this need I need less testosterone to feel good or even more testosterone ?

It means very likely you need to address your metabolic condition, insulin sensitivity and BF percentage.
If you are in a good shape it can be caused by unknown reason.
In terms of TRT most likely because of that you will need to inject more often if going on testosterone replacement

Won’t more testosterone be free if SHBG is lower

It’s in normal range still

Yes that is also true, but you need to give more bloodwork for context and as I said SHBG in the teens is very often(not always) a sign of a bad health.

There’s quite a few folks that don’t feel great that will tell you that is correct. There’s a few folks that feel good with low SHBG that will say it’s bullshit. Start low and work your way up with 20mg every two month intervals. That’s the only way you’ll actually know what the ideal dosage is for YOU. Also keep in mind each increase has the potential to make you feel worse before feeling better than before (at least it did for me) so man up if you’re serious and get through it so you know how each dose effects you. If your end goal is feeling optimal than there’s likely going to be a few bumps before you get there. It’s part of the game and likely why many settle for feeling “fine”. If it was as easy as X SHBG = X dose then there would be a lot less bitching on here.

From what he writes I dont think he has started TRT yet.

I read his question like “shouldnt my free T be good enough so I dont need TRT, provided my SHBG is low?”

But you know with so little context we dont have medium abilities :smiley:

I’m on TRT yes the last 12 weeks

It is good to mention that.
Most people with low SHBG feel better on small frequent doses like daily or EOD.
And if you have metabolic issues try to address them

@dextermorgan is giving you good advice. Notce I don’t say the same about another poster. Yes, low SHBG should result in more free T, and more E2, in theory. Low SHBG is an indicator of general poor health, or very high androgen levels. You don’t currently and have not recently had really high androgen levels. It could actually rise with the TRT treatment, as that sometimes resolves some underlying issues that translate to general poor health. Don’t pay too much attention to it.

Well my SHBG is about 18-22

so within range still

Don’t know if that’s considered low

T and Estradiol in a normal mid to upper range also

It is low, but not horrible, just an indicator that you could be doing better physically.

So clomid I hear increases SHBG

Maybe that’s why when I took clomid years ago I got so strong even with less total testosterone levels
My strength got hugely increased

But I guess I’d have to take it for six weeks and see if things stick

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There is likely some other problem happening that hasn’t been diagnosed. Could be something minor, like a deficiency of something, could be something more serious. Probably something minor.

Clomid will also more than likely make you feel worse, thyroid hormone increases SHBG and sometimes low SHBG is just genetic and no health problems arise by simply having low SHBG.

It’s not uncommon to see a low SHBG man do very well on TRT and not having problems. I have seen my fare share of low SHBG men with an A1C under 5 and not overweight.

This isn’t universal, it’s very individual. My SHBG increase as my dosage increases, prior to TRT my SHBG hovered 10-13 and on TRT as high as 24.

Should I move to three x week injections for the next month?
Saturday AM Tuesday PM Thursday AM

Its does seem to be the consensus here and over at excel male forum that guys with low shbg do indeed need much less test and frequenty shots.

My shbg is about where yours is. I didn’t get anything from more frequent shots.

There is a poster over there, i can’t recall who, who was stating that the opposite is true… that low shbg needs MORE test to feel anything.

So, i guess it’s the type of thing you need to experiment with.

My guess it doesn’t make much diff one way or another
Jut another variable we’re looking at when in truth everyone is different