What are the Differences Between Juggernaut & Juggernaut 2.0?

Hi. I see many people referring to the Juggernaut program but then when I look for more information, it is frequently referred to as the Juggernaut 2.0 (which seems to be different from Juggernaut AI, which appears to be the version for your cell phone).

Does anyone know if there are substantial differences between Juggernaut and 2.0? I think I understand the various waves and put together a spreadsheet to track my progress, but was curious if the 2.0 version is better than the original and why. Thanks

Between 1.0 and 2.0, I believe the main programming for the main lifts consisting of the 4 waves is the same. CWS simply wrote a follow-up book which contained more chapters with additional programming ideas/recommendations. This is a general strength program which can be adapted to various athletic pursuits. You’d have to put some thought into it to adapt this well to powerlifting.

Juggernaut AI is his latest programming. It’s a monthly subscription based program that updates your workout on the spot based on your input in a phone app. It has powerlifting, off-season hypertrophy, BJJ, and weightlifting based programs you can choose from.