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What Are The Chances?


What are the chances of having two new troll like friends in a single week?
It seems that something is fishy in Denmark here.
Prof. X dissapears and along comes Tim Pheonix the Hollywood guy with his purple nails pose and Balbos the Mighty along with his uncle Vinko the "used to be" strongest guy in the world.
The stuff is just too real and is either the greatest job in a long time or we have a genuine phenomema on our hands.
Either way it's very entertaining and i'm having a lot of chuckles reading and commenting. After all...it's not like there is limited cyber space here and because of these posts we are missing out on important new muscle hypertrophy articles or "do you lift when your drunk" threads.


it is indeed a strange coincedence.

I asked at my local butcher for lion meat, they did'nt appreciate the joke :frowning:

but ive had the most fun reading T-Nation this week for sure!


Agreed, grey.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.


I just an hour or so ago found and have just read the posts of Tim Phoenix and Balbos. I have my own theories and opinions about them.

Tim Phoenix is definitely a mental health person. He's either done too many mind altering drugs, too many roids, both, or he's just plain crazy. The manic, grandiose bizarreness...omg.

Balbos seems maybe like he's a made up character, someone having fun online. He doesn't seem like a real person.

Tubesteak Lightpower Boogie to them!!!


I found another one.


Check out this post:


I started to type a response but I think that I have had all of my IQ sucked out in the last couple of days.


After seeing Balbos calling out Balkanboy I am saying that this is definately the best troll job that I have ever seen. Gotta be Heffernan.


Check out Tim Phoenix' myspace profile:

Now again view the video from the "Reality Chick goes Psycho" thread:


What would happen if we put the two into a room together? Who would kick the ass of whom? And would the Armageddon occur????










So you're saying that Prof X is involved in all this? That is hard to picture. (Cue the Twilight Zone music...)

Well CD, you tried to TSB the Phoenix on his thread (with an added touch of Lightpower thrown in)...

I hope you got all your hair back...haha!


I actually really like the Phoenix thread. I love his spirit and enthusiasm. His posts are entertaining and funny (possibly unintentionally). And he's nuts, but in a good way. Bless me with the POWER of the [b]PHOENIX[b]!!!!


Gotta love crazy people, eh? They truly color our world! Haha, I'm still reeling from being grabbed by my hair and spun round and round the room! hahaha!!


The dude obviously loves special-K, he reminds me of a bizarre friend at college who was so deluded he thought he was the undertaker (photoshopping himself in the "takers" likeness), he took alot of mind altering drugs and random doses of steriods on top of that, he was so self convienced of his own supremacy above other lifeforms, his raw "POWER" he was unbeatable indestructable. His big talking end with him getting the crap knocked out of him, which seemed to fix him. can the pheonix be fixed im not sure...


Tom Phoenix reminds me of the dungeons and dragons players in high school that used to get the shit kicked out of them by the jocks. Apparently he grew up and he's using all his money to get jacked and get revenge.

I checked out his myspace, he's definately a little off but hell that what makes life so interesting.

He looks pretty jacked insome of those pictures. How tall is he?



I have to say my week has been an immense amount more pleasureable with out the smart arsed arrogance of Prof X.the longer that self esteem issue arsehole stays away the better.It keeps my blood pressure under control at the very least!


Tim Phoenix definitely has had me cracking up laughing and in a much better mood over the last couple of days. That is, I started laughing after the initial shock of first reading his posts then having to pick my jaw up off the floor. Gotta love him! Bless his heart, he's given so many of us a ton of comic relief!!


I think 5'8" 175#'s.


I don't think Timothy considers himself broken. It's more a manifestation of ungovernable POWER. Just reading that thread makes me so intense, I CANNOT HELP BUT TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!!