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What are the Chances of Injecting Into an Artery, Not a Vein?

Hello, so basically im doing alot of research into a test prop cycle & ive been reading alot about injecting into a vein/artery, i know that if you inject into a vein you will get intense coughing along with a horrid taste in your mouth, but i cant seem to find anything on injecting into an artery, ofcourse i know all about aspirating & ofcourse i would always do it, im no idiot… but what are the chances of the needle moving and going into an artery after aspirating? Thanks. Also while im at it, is test prop bad for you? I mean can it fuck you up basically and kill you haha…

All test esters are the same. As absorbed, ester groups are removed and you have bio-identical testosterone. Injected T is a time release bio-identical T delivery system. Anything that is not testosterone is not testosterone. T is a natural human hormone and is very safe. You do need to manage E2 levels and compensate for LH/FSH shutdown. Biggest risk is stupid PCT methods and almost all that you see are stupid. See 2nd post of the one and only sticky.

Arteries are deep. SC injections are safer and avoid muscle damage. But not useful injecting huge volumes. With SC you can see surface veins. Glut injections are dangerous, too many major vessels and nerves and you can hardly landmark and inject properly.

Oh right so taking test prop is actually quite safe then? All this anxiety about it for nothing! So moving to the injecting part, if i was to inject as normal into the muscles, what are the chances of the needle moving after i aspirated into an artery?

Test is test… The esther determines how long it stays in your system. So Test prop is just as “dangerous” as any other test… I think you need to do some more research…

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That is not the method, it is more an issue of one’s technique aka skills. If you can get two hands on an injection site, you can steady the needle. Injecting into arms means free-hand and then you can be unsteady. Yes, you have an opportunity to screw this up and some do things dangerously almost with deliberation. With TRT guys who are injecting for the rest of their lives, the objectives are different and age leads to better behavior as a rule.

Yes i know that i was just stating the type of test i was planning to do, ive done about a months worth of research atm so i am pretty clued up… just wondering how dangerous it actually is and the chances of hitting an artery

Man, I see everyone escaping from your question, but you’re just curious and SUPER afraid about something very common, and very dangerous in fact. This is a risk your gonna take when chosing steroids! If you do the right tecnique, the chances are minimal, but you cannot messure it. Sometimes you are going to hit a vein or maybe an artery?! Hummm… don’t know, maybe. But “to hit” is like passing throught the vein/ artery… not injecting inside the vein or artery. One of the best things you can do is, make your choice/ spot, clean that place with all your forces and do very deep intramuscular injection, super slow, don’t push the plug too much, do it very slowly… don’t move the pin once you’re injecting. I say it for everyone, don’t rush it… do it very slow. BUTTTT, BUTTTTTT…

I have something to say to you man… you are super afraid, SUPER MEGA ULTRA afraid… if you want to do it, you need to face it, stop being a afraid and so asker!

Stay Natty…

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First of all, injecting into a vein and cause you to pass out or even die, as the liquid will enter your lungs and you won’t be able to breathe, second of all when you’ve got the needle in PULL OUT a bit, if blood enters the syringe you’ve hit a vein and need to re-inject and please use alcohol swabs to disinfect the area where you’re injecting.

This is why you aspirate the syringe when you inject. Like spook said, you pull back on the needle for a second or two. If blood enters the needle, remove and try another location. As long as you aspirate you are fine.

WOW is all I can say to this. research on scientific sites about esters don’t go by broscience. You would have to try to stick an artery!!! just use 1’ needles and its almost impossible. they are all locate away from injection sites. The only risk is maybe the pec near the shoulder with a 13/4" needle and the femoral artery on the upper inside of thigh.

You have NOTHING to be afraid of. If 1/100,000 that you stick an artery you won’t have to asperate, the preasure will drive blood in the needle. pull out and bandage with preassure. As for veins you can hit these but asperate and you have no worries.

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