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What Are the Best Supplements?


It has been almost two years since I got serious about my body again.

I have lost sixty pounds of fat,and kept it off. I have toned pretty good, BUT I have not seen much of any progress in the past three months plus.

I work in splits lower body abs, and upper body.

I am going to throw in alternate of cardio, starting Monday. I plan on mon cardio, tues upper, wed legs, Thurs cardio,

I get the one gram at one pound plus.

I wonder what supplements are best right now I take whe protien (body fortress), creatine(WIEDER), vitamen, fish oil for cholesterol (which is one of the reasons i got serious)

My diet is ussually egg whites with salsa breakfast rasin bran or oatmeal. Protien drink

Lunch tuna or Chicken breast salsa two peices of wheat bread or sweet potoatoe.

I snack on bannanas, oranges apples during the day.

Dinner falls apart what ever the wife cooks. She likes pastas and pork.

Over all i do not think my diet is that bad My work outs are good to great and I take sundays off.

My sleep sucks, but no way around it usually 5-7 hours. work outs are one hour at 5-6 in the morning. Off to work by 6:30 till five.

That is my days and nights my diet and like I said I am not making progress, and I am gettting burned out. I statrted ot at 250 plus and am down to 182-185 bouncing.

I would like to know what supplements are best and affordable, any that I might be missing Are fat burners worth it, and does the weight stay off once you stop using them?


BCAA's i like them a lot!


Yes, that and fish oils. I know they get tossed around a lot by trainers and authors, but it's because they are extremely beneficial. Once you get your working diet and training straight, these two work synergistically. Add creatine, and you got the trifecta of basic dietary supplements for the weight training person.


Whats BCAA?


Check out:

And there are some other tips I could give you, but see how that does for you first


And BCAA is Branched-Chain Amino Acid