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What Are The Best Supplements to Take?



I have started lifting weights again, and was wondering what kinda supplements you all think are the best.
I know we are all looking for different results so everyone will be taking similar supplements or you take different amounts for the goals your aiming for.

I'm taking 3 Creatine capsules before lifting and then anothe 3 after lifting, I'm also taking Egg&Milk protein 2 times a day is that enough do think?



A shake after lifting is good.


Way to general of a question...what are your goals, what is your budget?


If you want to build muscle get stronger a good protein powder like Metabolic Drive, a good post workout formula like Surge, Creatine, BCAA's and or BETA-7, to start with.



Sorry man, your wicked new so I won't go off the handle about this.

But yeah; WAY too general. There are thousands of supplements (if not millions) out there and hundreds of different supplement categories.

You have to specify what you want to accomplish.


Nice advice slim. Would a McDonald's shake suffice or should he go with the Frosty from Wendy's?


Stick to the basics:

Vitamin A, B, & D
Fish Oil
BCAA's if you like


Dairy Queen dumbass...in a bodybuilding forum shake means whey. your build probably indicates you don't know this.


Wow, some people just don't get sarcasm...


I'm sorry for not going into detail!
I would like to build more of a lean ripped body if i can and just getalot stronger than i'am now, i don't want to be huge though.

I haven't got the biggest bugget so i can't get anything too expensive. But the suppements i picked up were at a very resenable price.

I already take cod liver oil and evening primrose oil just so you know.The Egg & Milk protein i take 23g twice with milk and the Creatine caps are 700mg each and i take 6, 3 before training and 3 after.

I hope this all makes a bit more sense!!