What are the Best Career Fields for the Future?

I used to work in financial sales a couple years ago. I liked it back then but got laid off. I finally got a new one after a year (same type), but I am really not liking it as much at all. Different company culture too, I want to leave the industry behind. So any thoughts on what the best fields of the future are, given the current economy and political climate? Guess we still can’t get paid to work out lol.

This is a good question. I’m in the IT field and can tell you being a developer right now is not good unless it’s work that can’t be outsourced. You’ll need to find a position that requires RARE skill sets and something that can’t be shipped overseas?

Since you’re in finance, have you thought about financial auditing? Consulting jobs are the only thing I know right now that are relatively secure (relatively being non of my friends have been laid off yet).

I would say teaching, but those jobs are getting cut as well.

Best of luck, to all of us.

anything in the med field.

I would agree with the idea that the medical field would be a good choice. However, I wonder about the legal field. I’m a full time fire fighter, and have 20 years until my retirement at the age of 55. I would like to move on to another career at that point. Looking forward to what people will have to say in this thread.

Becareful not everything in the medical field is guaranteed to be a good thing. There is a high burnout rate as well.

Personally, I would stay away from both law and medicine - everyone I know who has taken those routes are pretty disappointed with pay (especially with their debt) and with security/job satisfaction.

If you’re really asking for advice: my observation is that every skilled tradesman (plumber, electrician, finish carpenter, etc) I know, is (in comparison with my “professional” friends) happier, healthier (move around more), and seemingly doing quite well financially. Also, this allows you to develop - eventually - your own business and be your own man.

That’s what I’d do.

To add to the above: the idea that somehow the “professions” are superior in any way (paywise, intellect-wise, prestige-wise) is a huge lie that, unfortunately, too many discover way too late.

auto mechanic - everyone has a car and they break a lot

heating and air conditioning - learn to install green technologies that qualify for tax credits and people will buy into it.

Materials science / metallurgy - ok, Im partial because its my field but the US steel industry is growing since we are a low cost alternative and have skilled labor that is relitively cheap and we consume a lot of steel in the us (thats not gona change).

medical is a high burn out but a good RN is always in demand.

X-ray technicians are payed a crap load and in high demand - plus its a pretty unstressful job.

You want to be on the side of the business that makes money rather than takes money. If your work is billable, ypu are in a much better spot than those whose jobs cost the company money. Development, R & D, accounting, support, etc. all cost the company money and hence are always getting hit come layoff time. What ever business your in, do the actual work the customers pay for…That’s a better spot.


Nanotechnology - engineers, technologists, scientists.

Trades - There will be a whole generation of people who have never had their hands dirty or fixed anything in their life. Charge them 100$/hr for your services. :slight_smile:

Civil Engineer


some sort of Medical Imaging vocation

It’s highly speculative, but I think in the future anything nano-tech will be just as common as anything else. Every university will have nano-engineering, trades schools will teach technicians how to repair or manufacture nanofab equipment.

In general, think of something that requires a lot of work to obtain, and is a highly specialized skill that you can charge even without being employed in a company.

Harem management.

[quote]DrSkeptix wrote:
Harem management.[/quote]

Pimp Daddy

I didn’t know harems had paying customers.

raping and pillaging

Dk44 - please post more often! Your responses are always hilarious. This ^^ one really has me cracking up. Thanks!

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raping and pillaging[/quote]

isn’t that called “politics”? or maybe “practicing law”? :stuck_out_tongue:

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This. Nano may be the hot new buzzword, but there are massive piles of money to be made, particularly with regards to medicine… but you need some pretty serious math chops, and you’d be looking at a lot of school.

You probably already know this, but don’t just pick a field because you think there’s money there, pick something that you think will be profitable, and that you think you can do well. There’s no point in going back to school to be an average software developer - unless a company gives you a chance and you can distinguish yourself on the job, you will just end up back on the layoff carousel with all the other average developers… ya know?

I didn’t know harems had paying customers.[/quote]

  1. Management is hired to manage the workers.

  2. The cultures that currently have the money also have the harems,
    They tend to be in dry, sandy places.

  3. There may be fringe benefits,
    The managers tend to be lacking in the equipment needed to enjoy such fringe benefits.

Renewable energy technology (solar thermal, PV, wind, etc…) There will be a huge demand for qualified engineers and installers of renewable energy systems. Going green is about saving greenbacks. The ROI is becoming more attractive every year as the technology improves. This coupled with the incentives in place through 2016 will create quite a demand over the next five years, getting the ball rolling and bringing this emerging industry into the mainstream.

Also, Legalization of Marijuana will become a very profitable industry. There are already several insurance companies that are now able to legally insure “grow houses” that grow medical marijuana. Legalization and the revenue generated from the “sin tax” is inevitable - just a matter of time.