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What are the Benefits of Straight Sets?

Here’s a question which may be an open invitation to flame me, but having searched online I couldn’t find an answer anywhere. Probably because it’s a stupid question and doesn’t warrant anybody writing an article about, but I’m still interested anyway, so if anybody could provide some insight it’d be much appreciated. Here goes…

What are the benefits of straight sets?

Obviously straight sets are a staple in many peoples’ routines, but is there a specific reason(s) as to why exactly? Is there a benefit to sticking with the same weight for multiple sets of an exercise, or is it just down to simplicity (e.g. not having to mess around loading/unloading weights from the bar every set)?

I started thinking about this question as I’ve used straight sets in the past and made a decent amount of progress, although recently I’ve been training using a Reverse Pyramid approach, meaning that I start with my heaviest weight and then lower the weight each set, but increase reps. I personally found that due to the fact I’ve only got ONE heavy set (with the rest just being treated as added volume), the weight I’m able to use on this first set is much more than the weight I’m able to use on straight sets. For example, say my first set of Reverse Pyramid was a set of 6 reps, I’d be able to lift quite a lot more than I’d be able to lift for 3 consecutive straight sets of 6 reps. I’ll be incorporating straight sets back into my routine sometime in the future, but just figured I’d try and broaden my knowledge on them instead of just doing them for the sake of doing them. It’s always nice to know WHY you’re doing something.

Thanks guys.


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I didn’t mean that smart-assy, but that’s really just the goal. Maybe you’re drilling technique, maybe you’re building some muscle, maybe it’s just side raises and who cares, but if the goal is volume there’s not always a reason to mess with the weight on the bar

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A lot of programmes have straight sets and say 8-12 reps.
With that although it’s straight sets you usually would hit 12 points n the first set, 10 on the second and 8 on the last set.

So straight but not so straight.

You don’t need to add weight to the bar between your work sets so it saves a bit of effort.

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If you aren’t having a problem with response then there is no need to use other types of loading parameters or stimulus.

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