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What are the benefits of L-Glutamine Caps?

The other day, I found a bottle of L-Glutamine caps in my mom’s cupboard of vitamins. I’ve read before that this stuff can help recovery because it is a vital amino acid in the body. It is supposed to increases protein synthesis, or something like that. When should L-Glutamine Capsules be taken? During the post-workout meal, or before actual training?

Also, what are some other benefits of taking L-Glutamine?

It’s more of immunity booster/recovery than muscle builder. It also helps with the gut (it ends to soak up alot of glutamine before the rest of glutamine gets in the bloodstream) so you’re ending up with healthier gut!

When should I be taking it, though?


Firstly, I think that that glutamine caps are one of the stupidest wastes of money for any aspiring body builder or strength athlete. If you are going to use the stuff at all, buy a powdered form, otherwise you will be taking that whole bottle in a few days.

Anyway, do a search for glutamine in past articles. It’s controversial, a good number of people at my gym swear by it and other say it doesnt do anything. However, it is not like creatine in terms of the immediate effects that will be noticed.

All of the studies- including those using really high doses - indicate that Glutamine does not change body composition.

Why take expensive glutamine powder?

You can get plently simply consuming casein proteins.

[quote]Quest4Glory wrote:
When should I be taking it, though? [/quote]

I just take about 5g with ZMA 30-60 mins before bedtime. I also add them to PWO. Like I said, it’s mainly for immunity booster.

Alright, thanks guys. I might as well supplement with L-Glutamine, considering I got a free stash.

Glutamine is essential if you’re a critically ill hospital patient. The evidence for that keeps adding up.