What are the Anabolic/Androgenic Ratios of Winstrol and Tbol?

Which compounds are more androgenic between winstrol and tbol?

I Googled the title

Stanozolol 30:1
Turinabol 54:6

So am I right in concluding that winstrol is more androgenic compared to Tbol?

A/A ratios are not always sufficient in determining anabolic/androgenic activity

Given that these ratios merely stem from the ability to stimulate hypertrophic action within the soleus and lavator ani (anabolic) and ability to facilitate prostate enlargement (androgenic) within rodents. Such ideology is flawed as rats have different enzymes that eliminate and metabolism drugs (hence why proviron is so potent within our rodent counterparts… no 3HSD present in skeletal muscle = no metabolism into inactive metabolites in relation to anabolism in skeletal muscle)

Anecdotally, I’m not sure which is more androgenic

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For what it’s worth Stanozolol made me feel like total crap until I opened the gym door. It increased strength incredibly and had striations in places I had never seen before but I wouldn’t touch it again unless maybe I was going to compete (which I’m not). The fatigue was miserable. Don’t know about Turinabol from personal experience but I would sure hope it feels better than winstrol.

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I ran winny for 6 weeks at 50-60mg daily
All I did was nap & feel like shit
When I got in gym I could beast through hard workout…then back to couch…
Made muscles hard & veiny but TBH I got exact same results with var minus feeling like ass

Tbol great gym pump works fast. Consider using it like a pre workout. Horrible headaches tho.
So if yur needing a cutter or hardner Anavar is the superior product. If bulking and just want more gainz consider a bigger dose or try a peptide

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