What are Symptoms of Gyno?

Can someone please tell me what the symptoms are for developing gyno i would really like to know i am currently on test e 750wk and dbol 30mg a day i have adex just in case but have been avoiding it because in my belief the extra water adds stregth while bulking and it’s also a potent drug itself this is my third cycle and have never used an anti e before but now it looks like my nipples might be getting a little puffy no hard spots etc. what else should i be looking for to confirm that i am developing gyno im sure this question has been asked before but could not find it in the search any help is appreciated…

also would like to know what you guys think the lowest efective dose would be do you think i could go as low as .2 and it still be effective or stay with .5

any help is appreciated thanx again!

as far as symptoms go; you’ll notice more of a localized puffyness around the nipple, your nipple may start to point more (at this point a small amount of breast tissue will start to form), you will start to develop of extra fold skin beneath your armpit that goes from your nipple all the way around to directly below the armpit and the area around your nipple (the pink skin part) will almost look like its getting bigger (that because it’s pushing out at this point).

fyi puffyness does not necessarily mean you will get gyno, but it is a good indication that you have way too much estrogen

I’m sorry, I just can’t take this. It’s too funny on so many levels. Here’s one of my favorite quotes of all time, plastered all over the many threads of these forums: “I have Nolva on hand in case of gyno”. Thats like saying “I have a kevlar vest near by incase I get shot”. Taking your Nolva after gyno appears is about as useful as throwing on your vest after you’ve been shot. There is no anti-E that is going to remove the developed mammary gland from behind your nipple once it grows. If you happen to be lactating as well, that is something you can end with the right pharmaceuticals- but the tissue will remain yours to enjoy until you fork over the 2-4k for gynomastia reomval surgery.

Normal testicular testosterone production is around 4-7 mg per day. You are taking 750mg per week, plus 30 mg/day (210mg per week) of dbol. Whether you gain 10 or 100 pounds of mass from this amount of AAS, how much of it do you think you would be able to maintain supposing you were to discontinue AAS and go back to relying solely on your 4-7 mg per day of natural testosterone? So you are basically stuck cycling AAS for the rest of your life if you want to keep whatever you gained… and to not be making proper use of anti-E’s… in time you’re gonna have a nicer set of tits than my girlfriend.

I will need photos of your girlfriend’s tits for comparison purposes only.