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What are Supersets

I was looking around on the site but couldnt find an answer…
are supersets, working one part then the antagonist…?
or is it performing all the excercises for one set and then next set?

I am sure someone has a quick answer on this.-…

Well, truthfully it is as simple as doing two excersizes with no rest between then a rest bofore doing the two again.

Such as you are doing A1 and A2 for 10x3 with 1 min rest periods. So you would do a1 then a2 the rest 1 minute rinsde and repeat 9 more times.

Then there are also times when there is reast between like many of CW’s programs. you do a1 rest a2 rest thats a set.

There are also purist vwhonm beleive they HAVE to be antagonist, such as a push and pull, like bench press and bent over row.

What it boils down to is two excersizes = 1 set. The parameters can and do vary.

Then you can gop on to Gaint sets and all types of other hybrids.

Hope this helps,
Clear as Mud I suppose.

yes thanks alot for the answer!

Supersets are almost like Giant Sets, except they’re not quite as big. Mixing them up will surely lead to muscle confusion.