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What Are Some Solid High Frequency Routines?

I can’t seem to find much info regarding this. Just looking for basic powerlifting routines that incorporate 6 days of training, working the big three at least twice a week, i.e high frequency. Right now I kind of just do my own little high frequency program which is Squats and Deads twice a week at 10 sets of 3 combined, and OHP and bench have their own day at 5 x 3, it worked OK but I’d like an established program if possible.

BW: 185lbs (cutting down currently)
Bench: 335 lbs
Deadlift: 585 lbs
Squat: 405 lbs
OHP: 225lbs

I don’t know if any one would recommend a high frequency deadlift program. twice a week Really isn’t high for squat. I squat everyday up to a heavy 1,2,3 or 4 rep max but my entire squat session is only about 20-25 reps including warm up. Seems to work for me. For bench I like to hit something for chest or triceps daily but not kill it. Whether its decline, flat, incline, dumbbells, flys, weighted dips. High frequency works very well for me

Juggernaut has a 6 day variant.

could you post a link?

You need to get the book. Powerlifting to Win is a very solid program with thr more advanced stages going to 6x per week if you want a free alternative.

I did a lot of HF training for a while and it worked great for a while. The key to training everyday is to keep the volume low and intensity up and rest periods longer between sets - at least for strength.

Keep the reps in the 1-3 range for HF to control the volume. Programs for HF don’t matter because everyone recovers differently so if you’re gonna do HF you need to have a good knowledge of your body and know when you start to over train.

And yes, there is such a thing as over training contrary to what some might tell you.

Louie Simmons is a big proponent of mini-sessions in between major workouts. These usually focus on weak points and GPP. They’re usually around 20 minutes and you’re recovered from them by the same time the next day.

This could be like tire flipping with some band triceps extensions and face pulls. There’s a zillion other things you can do too.

This is a concept that can be applied to most programs. I remember when I lifted at a college PL gym, the strongest guys were the ones who did work outside the gym too.

We did 3 workouts at the PL gym a week. Monday was squat focused, Wednesday was bench Focused, and Friday was Deadlift focused always doing the PL movement itself.

A lot of guys trained in the open fitness/recreation center on Saturdays to focus on shoulders, back, and triceps or do extra work for the squat. Even in between those days, I frequently saw them doing cable triceps extensions, glute/ham pullthroughs, and upper back work.

I just mention this if the reason you want 6 days a week is because you’re one of those people who has to move around some nearly every day to feel right. There certainly wouldn’t be anything wrong with doing something totally unrelated like jogging, bikecycling, kayaking, a light short session of climbing, or whatever the hell floats your boat either so long as you don’t push it so hard you can’t do your PL sessions well. Malanichev actually likes to include running in his program.

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solid ideas, thanks.