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What Are Some of Your Favorite Water Enhancers?

Any recommendations on zero calorie water sweeteners? I’ve mostly used Stur in the past, but growing tired of the taste. Looking to mix it up.

Protein water hehe. Tastes like cordial but 30g hit of whey protein goodness for the gains

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Sounds good, but man…last time I tried a liquid protein product from Isopure it royally wrecked my stomach for a few days! Any GI issues whatsoever?

i use a powder that I mix up. So far seems pretty good with at least a scoop a day ~30g protein. Sometimes 2x. Actually sits better/lighter in my tummy than regular whey.

I go through a lot of the propel pour ins. Idk if they are bad for you or do anything but I like them.

Scotch used to be my go to enhancer.

That’s zero calorie, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s not zero calorie but unless you are fasting probably negligible: ginger, lemon/lime juice, mint (essential oil). The latter can blunt hunger like a mofo.

You could try a tbsp of apple cider vinegar or 2 and stevia in your water

0 calorie, tastes nice and kills hunger

I really like Mio Energy. It’s liquid and pretty concentrated. Has ginseng, taurine and caffeine