What are some good protein bars?

Currently I have been eating Pure Protein’s Blueberry Cheescake bars. I do like some variety so I would like to get some opinions on what some of your favorite protein bars are. I was looking for a really good chocolate one. So if any of you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.

There are alot of good choices out there. It depends on whether or not you want high carbs or not. Some of the other Pure Protien bars are OK, some suck bad. Others to try are Protein35 bars, the Iced Oatmeal is pretty good so is the Cinnamon Roll. The Myoplex bars are good but high in carbs. You should find a store that lets you mix up types and brands so you can try a lot and find what you like.

try nture’s best pure protein double chocolate. its pretty good for chocolate. My current favorites are labradas cocunt creme(tastes like candy) and cookies & creme.

Labrada’s Lean Body bars are damn good, pretty good chocolate one. I received an email from his website that they’re coming out with a blueberry cheesecake one too. One I really like a lot is ISS Research Pro42 bar…their PB chocolate chip or chocolate attack is damn good. Best tasting? EAS’s Myoplex Deluxe bar, the chocolate one is very tasty (high in carbs though).

I’ve grown fond of BioChem’s LoCarb bars…

I’m waiting for Biotest’s bars. I was lucky enough to sample them, and the chocolate flavored bar is awesome. By far the best tasting bar I have ever had. They will be on my list of things to get as soon as they come out.

I’ve tried a few others: Myoplex, Balance, MetRx and Powerbar. They are okay, but you can’t go wrong with the Biotest bars!

The Zone Apple cinnamon crunch bars taste awsome! I buy like 6 boxes of 12 at a time from Netrition. Also the Met-Rx source one Chocolate roasted peanut are really good to.


I find bars to be pretty damn convenient–between classes, driving–and consider them a treat about once a week or so. With that little pansy-ass tidbit aside (sorry, fellas, I know that sounded gay), I like Worldwide’s Blueberry Cheesecake the most (their other flavors are pretty crappy), Nature’s Best are okay, Labrada’s are pretty good (I know he’s got a new flavor out too), Designer Bars aren’t that great (but I don’t like their protein either), Myoplex are good (lots o’ sugar) and I’ve also tried SportPharma’s Cinnamon Swirl (not the Promax bars).
I’m really pumped about the Biotest bars…I know they’ll be tasty as hell and I know our guys won’t hide any glycerine or use bottom-o-the-barrel protein.

Okay, being that I used to work at GNC I have pretty much tried them all. Here’s my top ones, and I’m not taking into consideration anything but taste.

  1. Blueberry Cheesecake Pure Protein bar
  2. Choc. Graham Cracker Crunch MetRx (don’t judge this one by the crappy taste of the other flavors, these rock the house!)
  3. Choc. Mint Lean Body Bar (similar to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies)
  4. Atkins Choc. Coconut bars
  5. Choc. Fudge Myoplex Lite bar
  6. Lemon Chiffon Promax
  7. Myoplex deluxe bar-either flavor
  8. Creamy Peanut Ironman bar
  9. Granola Ironman bar
  10. Cookie dough Ironman bar
    Carb levels vary significantly on these.

I have been buying EAS AdvantEdge bars. They’re not ultra-low carb (15g protein, 27g carb), but that’s a carb:protein ratio of less than 2:1.
I’m not following an ultra low carb diet (makes me feel real bad) so they work for me. They are one of the few bars with some fiber (2g). Plus they are dirt cheap at Wal-Mart for 97 cents each. They just had a special: 6 bars for 4.88. After tax that’s 85 cents each! I stocked up.
The protein is a blend of soy, casein, and whey. I figure there’s not enough soy to be estrogenic. The taste is not like candy, but close enough to be a very effective substitute, it’s a helluvalot better for me, and cheap!
Chocolate almond is my favorite flavor, but the peanut butter and chocolate fudge are growing on me. - Nylo

Lean Bodies are the best tasting. I like the Peanut Butter and Jelly. They have some other great tasting flavors.

This may seem odd but, I am addicted to Met-rx chocolate chip bars. THe worst thing though is that they don’t even really taste that good.I am trying to ween myself off them.

Designer - Double Chocolate Blast. They are by far the best I’ve tried.

The Apple pie promax taste great, but they most likely have shitty protein in them.
Myoplex Peanutbutter is awesome w/ plenty of carbs though
The new EAS bars, simply protein, are simply the most rancid fucking bars I’ve ever eaten. They taste ok for 3 seconds, then the bitter chemical taste kicks in.
I used to like the Met-rx peanut butter, but havent had that in a while.
Blueberry cheesecake pure protein is great

I’m really looking forward to those grow bars! Hopefull they can match the taste of Myoplex bars, with less carbs!

I stick with MET-Rx, either chocolate or chocolate graham cracker chip flavors. Bars are a necessity when you go to college and can’t always make it to the cafeteria between classes. I’ll definatly give the Biotest bars a try if they are reasonably priced.

I love phils bar which is basically a zone diet bar, but its completely healthy unlike balance bars or zone perfectbars. I just read that biotest is coming out with a bar, I cant wait, im sure it will be awesome.

Finding a low carb bar with no soy is near impossible. The only choices are pure protein (the chocolate is good, but the newer flavors have hydrogenated fats in them which are bad news). Can’t think of what they are called, but the isopure folks also have whey/casein bars in which are pretty good. The mint is very tasty.

Up here in Canada bars are damn expensive. Lean Body is in excess of $5.00-$6.00 per bar. Even balance bars are $2.00 or more. I cant justify spending so much on a bar, esp when I can get a burger for the same price. However I have found these bars up here that are incredible. They are called President’s Choice. President’s Choice is an “Acme” brand that is produced for the Loblaws chain. The bars just have to be the best tasting bars that I have ever had. Their fudge and cranberry-apple are incredible. And Ive tried every type out there. They are less than $1.00 per bar. Nutrient profile is 15p, 32c, 6f. Not bad for normal everyday consumption. The protein is mostly soy but if in a bind, Id rather eat soy than shrink! And besides, I dont think soy is as evil as everyone says as long as you only have some once in a while.

I just tried Designer Protein bars peanut butter crunch the other day and they were so good I ordered 2 boxes from DPS (one box of choc malted crunch)best low carb bars I have ever tasted. Around 6 gms carbs, 30 protein.

Designer Protein Bars, buy 'em by the box and you can usually get a good price.