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What Are Signs That One's Therapeutic Dose is Too High?

I’ve been on ever schedule you can imagine. I see little difference between any of them. Not everyone gets big changes from big changes.

Word. The biggest change I’ve seen so far was from upping my dose to get my total and free to the top of the lab Corp ranges. Been on new protocol since July and it basically s cured my bad anxiety. Somewhat helped a suuuper shity libido, and not much else. I’ve noticed the last week I’ve been feeling off, probably just work stress, hopefully.

I’m curious now how I’d do back on once weekly injections with the new and improved dose. Might give that a whirl here soon!

No idea- thats why I’m asking. I guess that would be to what extent the size of the vessel you hit to some degree?

I’ve been aspirating (pulling back), you’re telling me I don’t need to do this? You didn’t mention quads- that’s my only injection site at min.

Genuine questions- don’t read them as if I’m writing them with an opposing view to you on this- I’m not, I’m trying to find out and genuinely don’t know. Im at the start of a learning curve with this as you know.

Edit- just been looking for ‘official’ guidance on this- seems the medical profession cant fully agree

What ester are you on? I’m doing e3d on a mixed ester blend (sustanon), and feel pretty stable- ive got high SHBG though.

My doc said the same thing about frequency, he said there is a huge difference between one time per week and 2 times but daily its useless

Quads are not ideal as there are too many nerves. Aspiration isn’t neccessary when using delts, glutes, ventrogluteal etc.

Tell that to the 1000+ men I know that have to do daily shots to feel better. Many men don’t feel good when taking a big injection all at once.

Do you have any paper? So i can read about and learn

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Cyp. Been curious about other eaters as well. My SHBG is low, like 14.

It would have to be a gigantic bubble. I know from experience. I’ve probably injected more bubbles in veins than most will inject TRT in their lifetime.


OK ta.

Think I’ll prob still aspirate as it only takes a few seconds and it can’t harm.

Good to know there’s no danger