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What Are Signs That One's Therapeutic Dose is Too High?

Oh ok I didn’t know that I thought it was associated with high estrogen no matter where someone is on their TRT regimen. Do you lift as well?

Yes. I’m not a big guy but any means but I milk that 200mg/week for everything it’s worth.

200mg can be milked quite a bit… Over time the results garnered from that dose will be SIGNIFICANTLY better than say… training naturally… it just might take a year or two to turn heads as opposed to a few months when on fat cycles… but the first option is FAR healthier!

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No way I thought lifting results from TRT is already milked like the first year or at least no longer seems significant after since the body gets use to it

Yes… but hear me out here

According to literature, 200mg weekly increases net protein synthesis roughly two fold comparative to controls.

Furthermore, when one cuts down naturally, test drops quite a bit (more complicated than this, other hormones are involved) and the body goes into a catabolic state… this happens typically once the individual drops below 10-8 percent BF… consistently supplementing enough test to get to/slightly above the upper limits or normality will allow the body to maintain muscle mass or even attain anabolism whilst cutting. Years down the line, the difference regarding how much muscle mass one can hold onto whilst lean will be significant… the individual WILL (at least to a certain extent) look enhanced

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Here’s my body changes on 2-3 years of TRT with basically no workout knowledge besides doing Athleanx YouTube videos and very little understanding of diet besides eat lots of food. I’m definitely not in amazing shape but I’m still getting results post 1 year mark with not a ton of effort. TRT is an advantage for as long as you’re on it. The main advantages though are the mental aspect. The physical aspect is just an added bonus.


I was taking Zinc when searching for my libido and erections and I think it threw me off quite a bit. I have been on TRT for about a 17 months and I think the zinc, boron.etc…supplements caused a lot of issues but I also am not dialed in, currently doing .3 EOD of cypionate, I think the bulk of my issues was the E2 fear and not getting free T high enough…fingers crossed as Im only on week 2 of the new dose

Do you find it hard to aspirate with 28g? With 31g it’s pretty hard like I can’t even pull the plunger back …im using them temporarily till my 28g arrives. I’ve been hoping I don’t go into a vein last couple days lol.

I dont believe a lot of us aspirate at all. I never see doctors/pa’s/nurses either

You don’t need to aspirate.

Yeah I was surprised when I noticed medical assistant at PCP office didn’t when giving flu shot …that’s a 25g or thicker too like test

I haven’t aspirated in months

Good luck with getting dialled in. Right as of now I feel pretty normal as to what I was before, honestly I don’t think I have felt like this ever in my life . I’m going to start 20mg zinc and just see what this does on my next bloods, or should I do a little more to see if the is a substantial change? I’m also taking 5mg cialis and bcp150 so I don’t know if I’m truly dialed in as of yet.

I just changed from 23g 1.5 inch quad shot to a 29g 1/2 shoulder and absolutely dislike the time it takes and the pressure that I have to apply.

Why not find out if you need to take zinc first? Why would you take anything right when you finally get to feeling good? I can tell you from experience zinc can make you feel like crap and quickly. Not sure if that’s something you want to risk after you literally just stated you feel more normal than you ever have before. You may want to give yourself more time at the current stage before fucking with it.

Also the post you are replying to is from a guy that literally said in that post that zinc fucked his shit up lol.

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From personal experience I would wait until you know you are where you need to be as far as dose and frequency before adding anything, I was chasing my erections with all of these supplements. What happens to me is during my dose change, whether it was up or down, there would be a 3 week window where my libido is on point and my erections can open doors, then it always fades. Once I get dialed back into that range, then I will see if I need any supplements.

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What size of syringe you using with your 29g 1/2" needles? 1ML? I found that 0.5ML and 1/3ML size syringes are much easier to draw and inject than the 1ML. 1ML seems to have a lot more friction or something with the plunger compared to the smaller ones.

I had a think about the whole zinc situation before you replied and like you said, I’m going to not worry about the zinc and just keep doing what I am for now.

I understand that it didn’t work for him, but other people can still read and respond to the reply like yourself. I know zinc did not work for you guys but everyone is an individual. Next time I’ll try and not have someone tagged in that instance.

I use 1ml ones as I can get them for free and also there is minimal wastage, but I think I’ll go back to the 23g quads as I’m only 2x a week

It’s up to you what you want to do, just wanted you to know before you threw it out. There is a large difference in ease with the smaller ones versus the 1ml to me. No wastage with them either, same thing your using, just smaller barrel. I don’t think I could stick myself with a 23g, especially longer ones.