What Are Rack Lockouts?

The Secret to Massive Triceps

Powerlifters have massive triceps and usually include no pushdowns whatsoever in their programs. They understand that to build huge, strong triceps, you’ve got to move heavy weight. Close-grip benches, floor presses, rack lockouts, and dips are your best bets.

Got bored so I was reading through the tips and stumbled upon this. I was just wondering what are “rack lockouts.” Thanks.

put a bench in the power rack. set up the pins/safety catches so that the bar can’t go to your chest. Rest the bar on the pins. Lay on the bench and press starting from the bottom. I’ve read that when you get to the top you should let the weight drop as opposed to lowering it slowly to prevent injuries. Often times these are done with the pins set so the bar only moves a few inches.

No, No, No! They’re the chains and padlocks used to keep frat curlers out of the power racks.

Kidding!.. Yarbo is right. They are a good way to work just the triceps in the top (lock out) position of the bench press. Some people will also put a set of pins above the bar just below the lock out point and press into that for isometric work.