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What are people's splits looking like?

My split when I am doing a bodybuilding type workout is:

1. Chest/Triceps
2. Legs
3. Shoulders
4. Back/Biceps.

I just keep repeating this without regard to day of the week. I take a rest day if I am getting too sore. A lot of times I rest after leg day and back and biceps day. I hate how the week is seven days long–a very inconvenient number to work with. I’m curious to see what kind of splits everyone else does.

During my diet I’m doing the following

Day 1 – Chest/Mid-back
Day 2 – Heavy Quads/Light Hams/Calves
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Shoulders/Lats
Day 5 – Heavy Hams/Light Quads
Day 6 – Off

my split is more around movement patterns then muscles.\push / hip dominant etc