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What Are Our Options Now?


Ok so go figure the one thing our lame ass government did right was break-up the steroid circles and users.

With the largest US suppliers now either gone or tainted what are our options?

I've tried ordering from the EU and customs nabbed my order and sent me a lovely letter.

I'm guessing the only route now is paper? Which kinda sucks because that means it will have to be an all oral cycle.

Any ideas gents? I would say and ladies but so few every post in this section lol.


Move out of the states.

Move close enough to the Mexican border to go across to inject when needed.

Find a local source.

Start a massive campaign to shift public opinion enough to push for legalization of anabolics.

Get a legal prescription.


haha, yup thats pretty much your only options....

Find a source here in Canada, lots of good UGL here that are still up and running!


Been a crazy week...
They cant stop everything, and to be honest someone goes down 2 new come up...
I have been reading every article I can find and I just dont think there really going after the end user...

It would cost Millions to do this, and I just dont think that was the goal of these bust.. But man I might be wrong.. I just feel like it was a scare tactic for the end user... And it worked that's for sure...

Why bust the end user whats that going to do?
I have been trying to answer my own question all week...

I know what your saying though what are the Options?

Only time will tell...



hmm pretty good idea as I live right next to the border...


FYI, US Customs are now hip to the sachets. My AS shipment got nailed. Oh well, it was great while it lasted.


I would say our most effective option lies in standing up.


How concerned should I be considering it has been 5 days since I received the first half of my AS shipment and still no sign of the other half? (No customs letter yet either though)


fuck ive been waiting for 2 months for the 5th package (got the first 4 in about 20~ days) and i put in a order for more at the end of august which cost me 6 billz, and still havnt got it!!!

was looking forward to use tren ace on my next cycle... this isnt cool...


Customs is onto pretty much all the tricks, it's just a matter of if your package gets checked.

Btw if you have had one order taken you can count on all future orders as your name and address (if the same) will send up a red flag.

I'm all about standing up to the man, but lets face it, we'll have about as much luck as the mary jane groups. Which to say is pretty much none.

Only if you could grow our supplies in the basement...


I can remember getting gear from overseas that would be almost impossible to find. I almost threw it away because when I picked up my package it was huge. Inside was a toy, it was just some generic looking animal thing. I was thinking wtf is this, I order gear not a fucking animal.

So I got home and cut it open and inside nicely packed was my gear. I'm unsure what technology they use to find gear or determine what pacackes to search. But the toy idea may prevent customs from finding gear. But they have probably caught onto that idea as well. Bastard!


That is one of the best ideas I have ever heard of!! Haha damn props to that supplier, however that would be a hard one to explain under X-ray!

Yea the cat will get more business for sure, however that limits many to oral only stacks. Lol I have a feeling there may be more posts on here with IGF-1 and Dbol stacks or something like that lol.


This is crazy talking about Oral Paper cycles.
I dont think its going to get that bad...Dang I hope not.. I have ordered paper products, not from the Kat, but another source and the stuff sucked... Man I hope it dont get this bad...



I think sources just got too sloppy and overconfident. Like one guy said on another board, it was getting to the point where law enforcement HAD to do something and couldn't keep turning a blind eye.

Steroids shouldn't be illegal, plain and simple.

Unfortunately, they are. Numerous message boards dedicated to them with sources posting and selling is asking for trouble.

Obviously this has done exactly what was intended, it's scared the sources into the shadows once again and have made end users double think ordering gear. If sources remain extremely discrete and private, we'll all be better off and the game can keep getting played... Just, very, very quietly.

I'd rather see sources be harder to find and order from then openly available.


Actually CP Im fairly certain you are incorrect about your address being red-flagged if you have ever had a shipment seized, all that info would probably overwhelm their database and prove to be too teadious and inefficient a method.


I agree with you 100% Inner Hulk...Its to easy to find a source on other boards, and your right again the Feds had to do something about it... And it sucks that it happened, but what did we think was going to happen...

Steroids are not legal, and sometimes I just think we forget that...I just think it was a huge wake up call, and maybe from now on everyone will be more careful...



I'm just about 100% certain that they do. I know that if you try and import anything dangerous or other drugs you are put in a data base as I used to work for a government agency that did exactly that.

We even kept track of every gas tanker on the roads... which will give you an idea of just how vast the database was.

Just sucks ass that the crap I helped implement is being used for something like this! Our goal was for terrorism but the other agencies copied our system. (I can�??t say for certain that customs did but the FBI did for certain)

You have to remember our government stance, if you are importing drugs, you could be supporting terrorism. It's BS with steroids, but it's how they think.


I wonder how hard it is for customs to detect small amounts of the raw powders from china. Perhaps it is time I learn how to brew my own. If only for my own person use I could brew once a year and be set.


I would imgaine much harder, that my be the best idea yet. Is it very hard to get the powders?


there are hidden safes people store their gear in. they look like hair-spray cans, soda-cans, candles, etc. and they even weigh the same and have the same weight distribution. i read an article (that i cant find right now) about police officers saying that these diversion safes make finding contraband very hard. they say the safes look and feel the same as the real product.

heres one with good prices:

or you can google "diversion safe" or "hidden safe"