What Are Other HCG Options?

Ok, I still can not find any Pregnyl here or any pharmacy that can order it. They offered ovritrelle (hortogonadotrophyn alpha) as a substitute; but it is 8 times the cost from what Pregnyl is when it was available. Are there other options or names I should be asking them for? I do have a pregnant wife, so she is flushing plenty of HCG every day…

Have you tried Empower Pharmacy?
Also, try a compounding pharmacy. They can make it.

Drink her urine


@zeek1414 ha, you totally said what we were all thinking


It is a bit crazy, but I actually googled to see if that was a viable option. I watched Fear Factor enough back in the day that I’m not grossed out in theory by only a little urine, but I don’t think it would work based on the little I could find online (other health issues with drinking urine and uncalculatable dosages without getting it analyzed, etc). Of course, not a lot online about actually drinking pregnant women’s urine for the HCG…

I just want to know what her response is when you ask her.

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I don’t ‘want’ to know… I NEED to know LOL.

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It could lead into a fetish she has had that she never mentioned. Next thing you know she will be pissing directly into his mouth. It’s a plus plus for both if em

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My wife knew exactly what HCG was as soon as I mentioned using it with the test, but she was not sure the benefits of doing so? She has her degree in nutrition and also worked in pharmacies previously. She said something like you know that is the hormone that the pregnancy tests are detecting (which I did not know). She actually joked about me drinking the urine first and to see what I can find on google about doing so, plus she knows that I am pretty open to anything that works or gets results.
As far as the other thing mentioned, she is awesome and wild and open. So that fetish would be nothing crazy for us, but we both are not into that. I will say that being married to an Eastern European has had MANY benefits over my previous US relationships (although I know there are good girls everywhere).

OK, she found some Pregnyl today by going one by one to all the pharmacies in the city in person. She finally found one that said they have certain customers who regularly ask for it and make sure to always keep a supply available. Of course, that came with a higher cost as other places quoted 450-500din (5000iu) if they could order; there price was 1720din. At least I found some and have a likely future source for it.