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What Are "Normal" Testosterone Ranges for a 28-Year Old?

Question about what are “normal” ranges for testosterone.

Male, 28 years old, 170 lbs 15% bf

I got two tests done to check testosterone levels. The first test was taken later in the afternoon, 2-3pm and the 2nd was taken at 9am.

I know that test levels will drop throughout the day but I’m hoping to clarify what is considered “normal” or healthy.

My afternoon Total T was 355 ng/dL range: 250-1100 ng/dL, Free T 52.6 pg/mL range: 35-155 ng/mL.

The morning test, Total T of 536 ng/dL Range; 264-916 ng/dL and Free T 14.3 pg/mL range: 9.3-26.5 pg/mL

My question is, referencing this chart that I’ll add below for total T averages, my morning reading puts me just below the Mean whereas my afternoon reading puts me at the bottom 5%.

Should I be concerned with that afternoon reading putting me in the bottom 5% range?

I would imagine an Endocrinologist is going to send me away with average test levels taken in the morning.


E2 test is the wrong one, ECLIA are for women. When TT goes up and FT down SHBG fluctuations are suspected. SHBG seems like it might be fluctuating do to your FT fluctuations, if true then you have or are going to have problems down the road.

The only way you’re going to know what’s normal for you is if you have labs showing where you were when you were in your prime, otherwise it’s a guessing game. You can go by fathers and brothers and see where they are in TT numbers.

I’m a bit confused by E2 being the wrong test could you clarify?

so SHBG binds to free T so the fact that I’m fluctuating seems that SHBG production is fluctuating as well?

Is it uncommon to see such changes in free T over the day?

Also, you mention problems down the road, could you elaborate?

Greatly appreciate the information…I’m going to do a bit of research now.


LC/MS-MS is for diagnosing estrogen deficiency in men, ECLIA is designed for the investigation of fertility of women of reproductive age and for the support of in vitro fertilization. Even with the wrong E2 test, your E2 is far too low. Those E2 tests for women overstate your E2 level which would mean yours is even lower. Doctors who are inexperienced get this wrong all the time. I was mistaken, you have two different labs ranges for both of your FT labs, therefore you can’t compare the two. Your attempting to compare both of your labs with different ranges with both blood samples taken at different times of the day which you know you can’t do.

It’s creating confusion and you can’t draw any meaningful comparison, so your afternoon labs are pretty much useless.

Very interesting! I got that 2nd test done through Lab Corp. So the Dr. that ordered the test ordered the wrong E2 test?

I want to get a better understanding of whats going on so moving forward should I test for anything aside from free T, total T, E2 and SHBG? (For E2 opt for LC/MS-MS instead of ECLIA.)

I’m assuming I should test at the same location multiple times all at the same time of day?
Or would there be benefit to seeing if my total T levels drop of later in the day?

Thanks again

If the doctor failed to specify male “E2 sensitive” testing the lab will automatically revert to the female E2 test. Your T levels are supposed to drop throughout the day, how fast thing happens is unique to the individual.

TT, FT, E2 and SHBG are pretty standard for a 4-6 week follow up labs after initiating TRT and at the 3 and 6 month follow up labs. These tests will tell you how you’re responding to treatment and unless you’re having problems (adrenal fatigue = low cortisol, thyroid issues) more test could be needed.

We see a lot of guys who begin TRT and experience underwhelming results, this is likely do to a weak lagging thyroid that can’t keep up with the metabolic rates that good T levels attempt to restore, the patient can feel even worse than before TRT.

Being in the normal ranges doesn’t mean you’re alright, if your body performs optimally in the 900 TT range and you’re at 400 range, that isn’t alright. This is what most doctors fail to understand, inexperienced doctors who are lazy non critical thinkers will fixate on lab numbers so they can get off easy and on to the next patient.

I really appreciate all of this information.
I’m gonna look to work with a Doc and address this.

Should E2 be addressed separately or would TRT bring up that E2 sufficiently?


We get our E2 from FT, is one is low the other is also low. Increasing your TT will increase FT therefore increasing E2. A few weeks ago I had high E2 symptoms, one could also say that my FT was high enough that it produced too much E2. Most would simply increase their AI dosage, only I’m not on an AI so decreasing my T dosage solved my problem.

I can be in the 700 ranges with no AI no problems, it’s only once I get into the 800’s is where I start to convert too much FT–>E2.

That makes perfect sense.

I really appreciate this deeper understanding. Looking in the wrong areas you can get the idea to get on T and use an AI to drop E2…turn out E2 needs to be in balance.

Again, really appreciate it…what am I looking for as a marker for ineffective thyroid, if I get on TRT and still feel like the same? THS bumping up above 2?

To get a complete picture of your thyroid you need every test possible, if you miss say rT3 which can block fT3 you’re not alright. Most doctors can’t run all these tests, not with insurance companies breathing down their neck to reduce costs and this is why Discount Labs exists.

Now you can walk into the doctor’s office and say hay doc look we have got a problem that would otherwise have been brushed under the rug by a doctor who just doesn’t care because he’s not the one suffering. I myself just can’t reach 98.6 degrees and have purchased Thyroid Support, most are iodine deficient.

Low E2 is dangerous to your brain, bone and joint health! Lots of bad thing can happen to you.

Brother I got my levels checked at 1 pm my level was 410ng/DL if I get it checked at 8 am will it be 550?

You not supposed to test past 10am, reason is your levels peak early in the morning and drop throughout the day, so testing later in the day is like counting your net paycheck after you have spent most of it.

Levels aren’t static, increase/decrease based on quality of sleep, diet, and exercise.

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why would you ask this question? Can’t you just get tested and find out? why even play the guessing game when you have the ability to find out for certain?

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So that means if one day I have 410 then it’s possible next day it’s around 700 ? Does it keeps changing ???

Brother it’s just that I don’t have much money to keep checking my levels on regular basis . I already have a level of 410 which I got at 1 pm so I just wanna if my level is already around 800 in the morning .

Your not going to get TRT with those numbers, you want higher numbers go to the gym and work out, eat healthy and get plenty of undisturbed sleep.

Your level can change based on lifestyle choices. You’re not too far down the rabbit hole just yet, you can turn it around. Ignore testing done after 10 am.

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let me ask you this… if even your afternoon levels are not low enough to receive TRT, then what do you plan to actually DO with the information? Like, if you found out you were 450 or lower in the morning, would you proceed differently than if you found out they were 800? Seems like a non-issue, unless you plan to buy testosterone illegally depending on what number comes up for you.

Thanks for clearing my doubt mate . I am relieved :innocent:

Brother I want to ask about morning wood . I sleep around 2 am and wake around 10 am but when I get up early around 6 or 7 only then I notice morning wood and never around 10 am

Brother I want to ask about morning wood . I sleep around 2 am and wake around 10 am but when I get up early around 6 or 7 only then I notice morning wood and never around 10