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What Are My Strengths/Weaknesses?


This is my first real post here. I was just wondering which sport/ or area I should focus on. I ran track in high school, and have been lifting regularly for 4.5 years only 1.5 have been ‘serious’ with an actual training program. The rest i just did 3 sets of 10 at a weight i felt comfortable with.

These are some stats. I know they aren’t great. I hope they can help on what sport I should focus on.

Height: 5’10.5"
Weight: 170lb
Age: 23

squat: 300-1rm, 225 14-rm, 245 10-rm -slightly below parrall back squat with legs and bar high on neck and legs shoulder width

bench: 210 -1rm (free) 233 hammer strength vert (i have no spotter now), 177-12rm

deadlift: 400lbs 1-rm, 315 10rm, 265 15-rm

pullup: +50 10 reps, +70 7 reps, + 90 4 reps

bent over row: 215lb 1-rm, 165lb 10rm

curl: 130lb 1-rm, 100 10rm

100m - (11.9 h.s.) 12.5 last summer no training

200m - 25s high school , 25.5 last summer no training
400m - 53.5-57.7s high school avg high end, 58 and 61 last summer 2 open meets no training between

1600m - 5:50 hs

5k - 25:10 last summer 3 weeks training with wife

pole vault - 10 ft h.s.
long jump - 17 ft h.s.

I hope these give an idea. I would like to focus on either track, or lifting. It could be either sprint,distance, powerlifting, or bodybuilding. I just want to do what I have a better chance of doing better in. I’ll be just competeing against myself, but I love seeing myself make progress and do better.

oh yea, body fat % with Tanita scale is betweeen 14-18% (the scales are perfect). And once I becamse ‘serious’ with training Waterbury’s total body training, and Bompas periodzation have been what i have using with pretty good gains.

forgot some more. Max clean was 185lb. No supplements until this past month when i started taking a whey protein supplement.

Do what you love or do both. It’s not about winning it’s about challenging yourself. Dan John competes in lifting and track.

Welcome to the forum.

Apparently one of your weaknesses is submitting posts that make no fucking sense.

Get to work on that one and someone can probably offer something constructive.

You don’t appear to be world class at lifting or track so its not like you are wasting some great potential if you chose one over the other.

Do what you want.

and damn we are giving you some super happy fun time responces, feel lucky for that.