What are My Options after First Cycle?

Hi guys,

I am currently on my first cycle and I’m wondering what my options are after finishing. I’m planning on continuing to do cycles in the future. People have said PCT then jump back on and people have said about HRT doses until you jump back on.

What is the best way?


PCT, then take time off before you cycle again. Make sure to check your hormone levels at least 6 weeks after PCT to see if you recovered.

What is your current cycle and PCT plan?

Test E 500mg a week for 12 weeks. Pinning once every 5 days and then for the last 6 weeks taking 30mg a day of Dbol.

This is riskier. You chances of full recovery go down the longer you stay on. Many who go this path end up on life long TRT. I was on TRT prior to cycling, so I am okay with this path as recovery to me would still be miserable.

This is subjective. Best for gains is to use TRT or cruise between. Best for someone who doesn’t want to do TRT for life is to cycle and PCT.

You 100% have to do a PCT. That being said, you can also PCT and cruise at the same time. Do you have a PCT plan in place right now?

What do you mean here? People don’t do PCT all the time.

Why would anyone ever do this? Sure you can take AAS and SERMs at the same time. It is physically possible. Seems counter intuitive.

No you cannot. Not sure what you were trying to say if you misspoke.

Way too much for a first cycle. 200mg Test. per week solo would have been enough. Forget the Dbol. It’s overkill; you can only gain so much muscle in a cycle. You will only gain more water and hold more glycogen, but not gain much more muscle. Diet is the key for gaining, not drugs.

200mg weekly for a first cycle? Bullshit, that’s high end trt… when I think “cycle” I think supraphysiologic… about 3x top of the ref range… to me 3-400mg is probably the best regarding benefits/risks…

Literature disparages you’re notion of a 200mg cycle, firstly… it’s just not worth shutting yourself down over and secondly, 3.5mg/kg appears to be the MINIMUM effective dose documented regarding giving a significant boost

250mg would be more suitable, better off with 300

My prescribed dose is 150, gets me to like 700… 200mg isn’t enough for me to reap the gains associated with supraphysiologic doses of anabolic androgenic steroids


200mg for 12 weeks is a total waste of time. Even something like 300-350mg isn’t really that great. 400-500mg is the dose in my opinion that makes shutting down and the risks associated with doing a cycle worth it. I can understand folks starting with 350mg to see how they react but it mostly ends with them wishing they did 400-500mg.


Just because “people don’t always do a PCT” doesn’t mean that it’s right. Guys who do not know any better would listen to something like that and end up hurting themselves or disfiguring themselves for life. Can you give me a reason not to PCT?

Start taking your PCT drugs once cycle is over. I.e adex and hcg. He would be lowering his dosage dramatically going from a blast to a cruise so the PCT drugs would help level you out and avoid any type of crash.

If you are cruising or doing TRT after a cycle it’s totally pointless to do a PCT. It defeats the entire purpose of doing a PCT. PCT is to help bring you back to normal levels faster since you’re body is shutdown while on cycle. If you immediately go from cycle doses to cruise/TRT doses you are still just as shutdown. Doing a PCT then would just be taking extra drugs for no reason.

Those are not PCT drugs. You should really read at least 2 threads here before dishing out stupid uneducated responses. If you’re going to be a dick in your responses it’s imperative that you also be correct. Otherwise you look even more stupid.


I wasn’t trying to be a dick at all. Sorry you took it too hard. Educate me on what PCT drugs are please.

Great place to start


Adex and hcg are pct drugs. They both stimulate natural testosterone production. You would have to be a little more careful with the adex so you do not crash your estrogen but it can still be very effective. As for you saying hcg isn’t a pct drug, maybe you should educate yourself some more.


Adex and HCG aren’t PCT drugs. Anastrozole reversibly binds to the aromatase enzyme, competitively inhibiting the conversion of T-E/androgen to oestrogen within any tissues that contain aromatase… the goal of PCT is to re-attain homestasis/balance regarding hormonal output… anastrazole is counterproductive regarding this… whilst it may stimulate LH/FSH production at an accelerated rate, it doesn’t aid regarding re-attaining hormonal or neurological homoeostasis… Taking an AI during cycle isn’t usually required, taking an AI during PCT, when you’re HPTA is shut down will crush you’re oestrogen to almost nothing…

HCG isn’t a PCT drug as it mimics LH and thus prolongs the negative feedback loop induces by synthetic androgens/testosterone. Similarly to how testosterone induces a negative feedback loop within the anterior pituitary, HCG does the same thing… but differently (sort of). When the testis detect testosterone to already be present in sufficient amounts, a negative feedback loop is sent towards the hypothalamus, within the anterior pituitary as a result, hormones responsible for intra-testicular testosterone secretion are shut off (LH and FSH), in response test production within the ballsack gets shut off. HCG acts as a mimic of leutinizing hormone… whilst using HCG, the body detects enough LH to already be present despite none being present, thus the body continues to keep natty LH production shut off, therefore testosterone production (exogenous) cannot begin with the negative feedback loop still in place

Don’t be that guy who states “maybe you should educate yourself more” when you’re the one misinformed

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I would do a pct. However, many do test tapers.

My response was mostly around you saying this is the way it should be done, when there is many ways to do things.

Also, hcg and adex are not ideal for pct. Nolva is good. Clomid is good but some get bad sides. Hcg will stimulate testosterone, but it will suppress lh production, which makes it less ideal. Adex will increase testosterone, but at a high risk of crashing e2 which will make one miserable.