What are my odds?

Lately I?ve been thinking of perhaps following a mild cycle of steroids. However I don?t just want to jump in and do it. I will only do it if I have a minimal hereditary disposition of getting bald. I don?t wanna have any trouble with the scalp you see. The problem is how to determine this. Perhaps you folks could tell me if the following reasoning is correct;
My grandfather from my mothers side never lost his hair. This is good for me right? He also had some troubles with acne well into his adult life. I also have this condition, except even worse. (this might also be good right, acne=hormones+skin). And he had little beard hair, as I do.
Other members of my family do have some degree of baldness. But they also have full beards and good skin.
Do I have a reasonable chance.
I know it?s a silly question, but I do wanna know if I am on the right track.
Thank you for your time.

dude have you lost any hair? how old are you?

If you’re concerned about hair use finasteride in combination with Testosterone, or an anti-androgen such as Spironolactane or Flutamide applied topically will work for other androgens.

i hear fumunda cheese works too, applied topically in small circular motions.

Cheese fumunda my dirty nuts?

I haven?t lost any. I am 25. I will use propecia, but I also would just like to know the odds, as an extra security. Because I am not going to take much risk.

You might want to think again. If all you are worried about is hair loss then you may want to do a little more research before you go for the spike.