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What Are My Chances?

I posted similar to this this a little while ago, but have decided to man up and post some pictures with a little change of focus on what i’m asking, because i’ve stopped knowing what to expect.

[quote]This might be a long one, but bear with me! By the way, i’m UK based so that might make some difference to some people.

A potted history of the last 5 years to date,16- 21 years old.

At school, did ok, wasnt super fit but wasnt fat. Had girls, amazing social life, well into music and promoting bands/shows. Started drinking around this time properly. Got to about 16 and a half and found my first job under the Golden Arches. Went from about 190lbs to about 250 in the next two years. Hit 18, decided to do something about my weight. Crash dieted down to about 225, could keep up with it, weight crept back on. Still just about scoring some chicks, still good social.

Started uni and about 2 months in, my Dad passes on. Holy shit. I start inhaling food at a crazy weight. I reckon an average day I was smashing down about 7000kcals before booze, maybe 10-12,000 on a bad day! Literally everything was double portions, fried, covered in cheese, washed down with full fat soda.

Stopped scoring with chicks, became a bit introverted really. Made excuses when my pal Jack tried to coax me over to the gym. Carried on playing rugby, but without a formal coach I let myself get pretty lax on training, would just turn up to pant round a game and feel like I was going to pass out come scrum time.

Weight kept on shooting up, I just couldnt see it. Before I knew it, I was 336lbs, struggling to do simple things like tie my shoes without sweating. Walking time bomb. Kept this up over the course of about another year, basically to May last year. In May I decided enough was enough, and that I had to do something about my situation, started half assed going to the gym and eating a bit better.

Came home for summer vacation, got offered a chance to work back at my old school for a year on work placement for my course. Decided this would be the kick up the ass that I needed for the start of my transformation.

Went into the gym on that first day and starting fapping away like a mad man. But anything was better than nothing. A few mins on the elipitical made me feel like I was going to hurl. Bad times. As I went on I started reading a bit more, getting the opinions of personal trainers down the gym. Found a guy who i’ve known for a few years, really knows his stuff, has been known to visit T-Nation on occasion.

So where are we today. Ditched split routines, for a full body session 3 days a week, with two cardio days. The best part so far…

I’ve lost 97+lbs! Now sitting at about 239lbs, still around 30% bf, but its all going in the right direction. Target probably needs to be sub 200, i’ve got access to free body fat testing at the gym, and whilst I know electrical impedance testing isnt brilliant, as long as it shows a downward trend right?

My current diet is

Breakfast-Protein Shake and 2 eggs, 1x brown toast (beaten then microwaved) 2xFlameout.
Mid Am-100g of tuna and cucumber
Lunch-Breast and a half-2 breasts chicken salad, dressed with EVOO
In Between-2xHRX
Mid PM-100g of Tuna and cucumber
Post Workout-Protein Shake
Dinner (usually within an hour of training)-Chicken/Fish/Steak w/salad. 2x Flameout
Mid Eve-Handful of almonds, protein shake.[/quote]

Right, so I’ll upload a couple of picture that i’ve taken today(@108.5kg). I want to get a good idea of what I can expect, results wise by say May/June time. I’ve been doing this for a while now, completely changed by habits and have no trouble adjusting anything further if its going to help.

When I was 134kgs (295) I had a body fat test done and was 36%(LBM-85.5kg), had another done @ 126kgs and was 34% (LBM-83kg). Havent had one done since then. Working on the assumption that when I hit 100kgs, i’ll be around 25%. This should be by the middle of March latest.

Is there a good chance that with the right nutrition, training and supplementation, I could be 10-15% by the summer? Even under 20%. I started this at the end of June last year, havent has any significant slow downs in progress yet (a 2 week plateau in Sept was all). I could do with the advice to make sure i’m not setting myself up for a fall.

If you’re 239 @ 30%

You are currently sitting @ 167lbs of lean mass… and 72lbs of fat/water/bones etc…

In 3 months time… say 12 - 16 weeks… @ 2 lbs of lean fat loss per week… would be around 32lbs… which would leave you @ 207lbs and around 20%BF and that’s if you DON’T gain any muscle (which is unlikely)… if you were to gain 10lbs of LBM… then you’d be 207 @ 14% - 16% which isn’t too too bad… much better then being 239 @ 30%…

BUT… it’s pretty well impossible to predict what can happen for a few reasons:

a) Life could throw you another curve ball
b) You don’t know HOW your body will respond until you try
c) You may lose more… you may lose less… it likely won’t be a linear loss
d) You will likely have to make adjustments along the way (which is part and parcel to a) )

So… for expectations… ? In a broad sense… you’ll lose ‘some’ fat… and might even gain ‘some’ muscle… if you do things correctly, and really buckle down…

As for advice or whether or not you’re setting yourself up for a ‘fall’… don’t look at it that way… training/body transforming etc… isn’t a short or even medium… and I’ll even say long term ‘goal’… it’s a constant battle… involving a lot of small goals, and challenges along the way… but it’s something that never ends… there should be no ‘I’ve made it’ point… reason being… if you ‘make it’ it’s FAR to easy to fall back into old habits… and revert RIGHT back to where you started…

Don’t get me wrong… It’s nice to have accomplished your current ‘goal’… but once you get there… you want to look beyond that… even if that means eating a certain way, and making adjustments to maintain that goal…

Get it?

I’ll keep my eye on this… props for posting pics… and good luck in your journey!! :smiley:

I’m attaching another couple of pictures…The one above was taken 7 weeks ago.

Thanks for the comments, to be honest, I like the idea of 207 @14-16%! In my head, i’ve been playing with the scenarios and the math and all that for the last 6 months, constantly promising myself that “The next 2st will make all the difference”. I’m super critical of myself now. Loads of people say that losing the weight I have so far is an achievement, I think that 239@30% is no achievement at all!

Is there anything you’d suggest changing with the diet? I have consistently lost around 3lbs per week since I started this, except the plateau period.

Since I started training with the compound lifts, by strength has definately gone up (added 200lbs to my starting Deadlift, still seem to be adding weight to the bar). Kcals are around 2200 a day, carbs are timed well i think, and there is plenty of fat/protein in there.

In a narcisistic way I wanted to leave the body fat test for another 15lbs or so, to get the biggest change possible. 16st’s (101kg/220lbs) has been a, how to put this, rocker for my weight for about 5 years.

Under that, I start to feel good, over I feel pretty lame. My last one was done in October I think. Benificial to do another one sooner rather than waiting?

7 weeks ago side on

Today (8th Feb) side on

[quote]sidewalkdances wrote:
I’m attaching another couple of pictures…The one above was taken 7 weeks ago.

Thanks for the comments, to be honest, I like the idea of 207 @14-16%! In my head, i’ve been playing with the scenarios and the math and all that for the last 6 months, constantly promising myself that “The next 2st will make all the difference”. I’m super critical of myself now.

Loads of people say that losing the weight I have so far is an achievement, I think that 239@30% is no achievement at all!


This is the correct attitude to have. As the poster above said, it’s a constant battle, not a set end point in the journey. Reminding yourself of how far you have left to go is good in many way because it keeps you hungry and honest.

All of us here tend to be more critical of ourselves than anybody around us, but that’s because WE ARE NOT CONTENT with being “normal” or “above average”. We wanna be damn impressive! And to be honest, being “damn impressive” takes a helluva lot more work than being just above average.

On the other hand, you SHOULD recognize that losing 90+ lbs of fat is a good accomplishment, along with adding the weight you mentioned to your deadlift and ESPECIALLY the changed habits.

Congratulations on the progress so far. I think the most dramatic progress appearance wise is from your pictures of the last 7 weeks til now.

Changed habits go far. Make sure you don’t lose them!! Remember how difficult changing them was in the first place, and keep them.

Expectations so far:

diet looks ok for now. Worry about it later when you stop losing fat.

Expect your weight loss to drop off. 3 lbs a week is good. But as you continue it will probably drop below 2 lbs a week. Prepare mentally for this, because it will probably happen at some point. It’s still progress, it’s just not quick progress.

Losing fat gets tougher as you get leaner. For your summer goals, probably not that tough, but it will require more care.

I wouldn’t drop calories much below your 2200 level when progress eventually stalls. I would instead add activity. Remember, plateaus don’t mean you’ve failed, they mean you need to adapt and overcome. They mean basically that what WAS working is no longer working and must be tweaked.

Thanks for the advice. Just good to know that I can achieve what I want, short term by the summer. Would just be nice to feel lean for once.

Long term I have other goals, some atheletic, some aesthetic, some stregth goals.

Athletic-Row 2000m in under 6.30/Weighted Pull Ups. My current best is 5 body weight, when I can do 3x10, i’m adding weight!

Aesthetic-Shoulders, man I want good delts and traps! Vascularity, is a few veins popping out when i’m lifting too much to ask?!

Strength - 200kg squat(140x5 now), 250kg (170 1RM) deadlift, 120kg bench(85x5 is my best)

But I completely recognise the ‘above average’ deal. Through doing this i’ve realised i’m better than being a fat boy/drunked idiot when i’m out/weak. Its hard, make no bones about it, but its honest work. I’m the one who has had to sit and eat steamed fish and veggies, whilst everyone else eats a pizza and drinks beer. In fact the above posts have really helped. I was out on Saturday, itching to drink. I didnt because I had the car, and i’m not a tool. But I was weighing up drinking this weekend and getting smashed in my mind. Am I going to do it? Hell no! I cant let myself be that weak. Sure in time i’ll be able to have that night out drinking, but now? @ 239-30%? No.

Somehow i’ve acquired the attitude that “I dont know best” and am receptive to advice, which I think is healthy. I cant see the point in cheating reps at the gym, if it doesnt help.

Last night I saw some new definition in my legs, the ‘tear drop’ is under there now! Just got to strip the fat away so its out and proud!

Anymore comments are welcome and encouraged. If you want to lay some truths on me, i’m ready for them!

Truth is you didn’t get fat overnight. Truth is you won’t get lean overnight. Truth is you have made fantastic progress. Truth is if it was easy, everyone would do it. Truth is YOU are doing it. Great job and good luck.

Been contemplating this over the last day or two.

I fucked up my measurements a bit. On Sat AM I weighed in at 108.5kg, this is different to my normal weigh in time of 1545 on a Tuesday, after work. On Sat evening I had white rice with my dinner (it hasnt stalled anything before) and Sunday had some white bread and potatoes.

Last night, I decided to see what effect they had had, 110kg dead on. So I know that basically that extra 1.5kg is fluid retention, but man does it show what carbs do to me! So from now, they are gone. I can’t see that they help in anyway, except by making me bloated.

Going to weigh myself again tonight, with the vague hope that some of the water weight will have gone and i’ll have made reasonable progress, hoping for around 109kg.

With that in mind, and with a loose schedule at work, I sat down and took some time to work out my body fat percentage. Sat here today I weigh 243lbs/110kg. In Sept I weighed 134kgs, with a body fat of 36%, lean mass of 85.5kgs.

Assuming I have lost 5kgs of LBM (worst case scenario I hope!) that puts me at 80kg/176lb LBM now, with a fat weight of 77lbs, ergo 32% body fat.

As i’m from the UK, I tend to think in stones and lb’s rather than just lbs, so as a stone is 14lbs my rough calculations are as follows.

Current - 17st4lbs - 32%bf(176lbm/77fat)
Minus 1st - 23.4% (176lbm/53fat)
Minus 2st - 18.5% (176lbm/39fat)
Minus 3st - 12.5% (176lbm/25fat)
Minus 3.5st - 9.3% (176lbm/18fat)

So that brings a target of 39 lbs to lose until i’m hopefully sub 10%. The next stone jump seems like a huge one, where I guess i’m going to see the biggest progress. Hopefully I should be able to rattle of the first 20lbs of that within the next 2 months (mid April or so, then crack on with the final 20 by June, to take me to a year total transformation.

I forgot to add to this:

Last nights weigh in fiasco left me pretty pissed off (fixation on scale weight, go figure). But 2 things happened that were very cool.

When I cleaned the bar up to my shoulders for my shoulder press, I saw vascularity in my forearms for the first time in my entire life! That was pretty cool. It didnt stay out for long, but it was pretty nice to see!

Secondly, I did my bench work sets, before my shoulder for the first time in ages, 80kg’s 5x5, nothing too impressive. Then a guy in the gym who i’ve spoken to a few times offered to give me a spot, well he offered before my work sets, but I didnt use him.

Decided on a whim to see if I could do 100kgs for one. Now after my work sets I expected to shit out about halfway up and test the guys deadlift! But I managed 3 reps, and had to get the assist on the fourth.

Stoked with that to be honest. I struggled with 60kgs when I started 7 months ago! I reckon I could do more as I’d done 3 sets of dips earlier in my session, but bench numbers are pretty arbitary to me.

ah the notorious 2000 m erg. It truly is a torture device. Good luck on reaching your goal, getting under 6.30 is bloody hard! (imo).

When I was about 15 I managed a 6m50s (and a rower!), and even two years ago at around this weight/body fat I did a 7.20, so hopefully 6.30 is achieveable!

Yeah, i didnt fuck up the weighing. It was fucking water weight. Tuesday is my standard weigh in day, so I did. 108.6kgs/239.5lbs. So Saturday was basically right, and the stupid white carbs made me retain water.

A lesson learned here about scale weight!

I think you have all the drive you need to go very far.

Eat clean and keep on smashing some weight.

fix your posture

it just made me gag

Excellent thoughts sidewalkdances. Keep plugging. Your goals are achievable, but you gotta stay on the wagon to do it. Good for you not getting smashed. Stay hungry for more progress.

Nice work on the bench too btw. Take care of business, and get the job done.

The wagon is getting easier to stay on each dau. Well, not easy, but its easier not to fall off. Especially after the scale weight fiasco of the last couple of days, I can see what excess carbs do to me.

I fucked up my body fat calcs, I gave myself an extra 10lbs of fat, and panicked with being 110kgs, the new calcs are…

239lbs@26.5% (current)
225lbs@22% (minus 1st/14lbs)
211lbs@16.5% (minus 2st/28lbs)
197lbs@11% (minus 3st/42lbs)
190lbs@7.5% (minus 3.5st/49lbs)

Based on my photo’s does that look about right? I’d have put myself higher than 27% body fat…

Zeus, any posture tips? I’ve always tipped forwards a little bit, I guess a 100lbs of fat is attracted to the ground more than letting me stand up straight…I guess i’ve always stood a bit like that so I dont know whats wrong with it.

[quote]sidewalkdances wrote:
Zeus, any posture tips? I’ve always tipped forwards a little bit, I guess a 100lbs of fat is attracted to the ground more than letting me stand up straight…I guess i’ve always stood a bit like that so I dont know whats wrong with it.


The posture problem Zeus is refering to is called ‘Anterior Pelvic Tilt’, basically it means that you stand with the top of your your pelvis tilted forwards, which you can see in your sideview pics.

Bascially, in very simple terms, to fix this up you need to:
i) Stretch out your hip flexors and
ii) Strengthen your lower abs and glutes.

Theres a lot of info in this article (and it’s a bit full-on if you’re not up on your anatomy), but hopefully it will help you understand the basics of what is going on:

Make sure you incorporate something like pull-throughs into your prog to work your glutes:

…and some of the core exes in this article will help strengthen your abs:

…and make sure you stretch out your hip flexors after every training session…alot!!

I know your main goal right now is losing fat, but you can incorporate some of these exes into your sessions and fix your posture at the same time. This will also improve your appearance and make you look slimmer as you won’t poke your stomach forward.

If you want more reading check out the Neanderthal No More series too.

L&E-Its all good advice so i’m into taking it. I recently started some mobility work, just doing the ‘8 Essential Mobility Drills’ by Boyle, my hips are pretty tight, and its ruining my squat. For the first time in 6 months today I got to train with a proper power rack in a proper gym. Conquently I was squatting facing a mirror, and noticed I was rounding my back after a couple of reps at 140kg.

I’ll definately have a go through those articles and incorporate the pull throughs. I’ve recently been doing DB swings and clean and presses as part of my cardio, which I can feel on my glutes, as well as squatting barefoot, which is helping me use my glutes better. So I guess it’s something I had an rough idea that I needed to do, without actually doing it! Also did direct ab work on Monday and have had DOMS right until now (Weds night), only did some medicine ball leg raises (normal leg raises, but raising a med ball to meet it with straight arms) and some 2x45s planks!

What part of the England are you from? Would be good to grab a session with someone more experienced if your close by and up for it? I’m in Kent, Folkestone, right on the coast, with the Chunnel.

Hey my wife is from Lowestoft. She says thats pretty close to where you are.